5 Tips For Effective Community Engagement

Engaging with your community through social media is one of the most effective ways to create a strong brand profile that people connect with emotionally, adding incredible value to your business, and ultimately delivering stronger sales results. On the flip side, if done incorrectly, or inconsistently, your social channels can either deliver no ROI or even worse, hurt your brand’s reputation and alienate your customer base. So how do you … Continue reading

So How Many Sales Will I Get On The First Day?

How many sales will I get on the first day?   Sound familiar? This is often the FIRST question I get asked by clients when talking about AdWords. My response has always and will always be the same, AdWords is there to drive the most relevant traffic to your website. It is then up to your website, products, pricing and sales technique to secure that sale, service, or lead from … Continue reading

ECCO Leather Factory Petit – Experiential marketing at its finest

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Factory Petit – An experiential marketing event hosted by a client of ours, ECCO Shoes, and their wholly owned subsidiary, ECCO Leather. Factory Petit is just one of ECCO Leather’s “nomadic” events that happen throughout the year, and is a concept which involves a warehouse space being temporarily transformed into a living, breathing leather workshop (sans actual cows thankfully…) for a day. … Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital

Dress codes can be a tricky thing in offices where it isn’t immediately obvious what’s appropriate and what will get you a wee chat with the boss. Sure, if you’re a finance professional or a lawyer then it’s not a high wager bet that you’re going to be in a suit, or a variation of, but what of companies like ours? You know, those on-fleek trendy devils in digital agencies.   … Continue reading

Changes on Google: What are the Implications of Removing Right Hand Side Ads on Search?

Google makes a change and an industry holds its breath. What will this mean for my clients? Cost increases? Do I re-build? Everybody freak out. Or not. I argue here that the latest change on Google search – to remove right hand side search ads – is an opportunity for your clients, and an opportunity to produce better work on your paid search campaigns. What this is in essence about … Continue reading

Meet Our New Senior Performance Media Manager: Former Google Employee Colin Williamson

colin-williamson-min 2
So welcome to the about ME (Colin Williamson) blog post. I didn’t realise how hard it was to write about yourself, but I’ve found out that self-reflection is actually good. Who would have thought that a tiny 8lb baby born and raised in a tiny Yorkshire mining village in the Uk would have ended up in Sydney, Australia? Wow, certainly not me. I grew up wanting to be a Pro … Continue reading

Meet our new Content & Social Manager: Lewis Browning

Hi there! My name’s Lewis, but you can call me Lu, and I’m the Content & Social Manager here at Reef. (I’m the one with the headphones on, headbanging and air drumming away like nobody’s watching!) Professionally, I come from a sales background, primarily in retail and wholesale inside the musical instrument and hifi industries. Through my 10 yrs+ sales career, I cultivated my passion for engaging with customers/clients, always willing … Continue reading

Meet our new SEO Manager: Michelle Cobb

Hi I’m Michelle and I’m the new Senior SEO specialist at Reef. Originally from the UK, I have over 6 ½ years experience within Digital Marketing – helping clients both large and small to grow their online presence in this fast paced, ever changing digital landscape. Australia and the chance to live here has always been a dream of mine. Who wouldn’t want to swap cold dreary England for (what … Continue reading

Agency Open Haus #2: Technology, Data, and Better Creative

In an essay penned by Bill Gates in 1996, we first heard that in an interactive environment such as the internet content is king. We’ve also heard that we need to tell a story through our creative and messaging, and that above all creative work in digital needs to be engaging, as we work to capture the moments when our customer is listening. And it’s not only about design, or user … Continue reading

Data-driven content marketing – How to let the numbers influence the words

If you’re someone who loves writing as much as I do, sometimes it’s easy to be stubborn and fall into the “I’m a WRITER dammit – I write WHAT I want, WHEN I want” mindset. And while it is important to use some common sense and creativity, and write about whatever strikes your fancy at that particular moment in time (as long as it’s relevant to your industry of course), … Continue reading