The Right Way To Use Keywords

Keywords are a huge part of SEO and a lot of effort goes into researching and defining them so teams like ours can get to work optimising your website, making it more attractive for search engines, and allowing your customers to find you more easily. One of the most commonly known factors of improving your SEO is using the keywords in your copy on web pages. There are however plenty … Continue reading

Breakfast With Bing

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Last Thursday, the Reef Performance Media Team was invited to the Morning Tea and Lunch held by Microsoft Australia. It was great to hear about the ambitions from Bing, their product updates and industry insights. Also a good opportunity to connect and chat with industry peers about our online advertising journey. As a well-known search engine operated by Microsoft, Bing has garnered enough attention to make a difference. Let’s take … Continue reading

Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Today I am going to give readers an overview of #BreakfastWithTwitter @TwitterAdsAu presentation where Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales (@emhuo), was the host. The Blog itself will include additional insights and findings on Twitter itself and advertising using Twitter. This will hopefully help you to understand Twitter better and be more confident when it comes to advertising using Twitter and optimising those all important campaigns. Twitter In Australia In … Continue reading

YouTube Brand Academy: Key Takeaways

I always enjoy going to industry events because it makes me feel like I am part of a great and ever-changing industry, but also, and most importantly, because I’m eager to learn new features or trends that I can implement in my accounts to improve their performance. One of these events was the recent YouTube Brand Academy in Sydney and since video marketing is growing year on year, I definitely … Continue reading

What Does Microsoft’s Acquisition Of LinkedIn Mean For Advertisers?

In a press release published on Monday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn. The transaction surpasses US$26Bn and is one of the largest acquisitions ever made by Microsoft. It is said that, at least for now, not much change is to be expected as the social network will continue to operate independently under its own brand. The current CEO, Jeff Weiner, will remain at … Continue reading

How To Generate More Customer Reviews Online

With news breaking this week that UGC and review platform YotPo just received $22m in funding, it seems as though the importance of user-generated reviews for your business are not going to start getting any less important, any time soon. There’s money to be made in user reviews it seems, and not just for the platforms that are helping brands do it. Now, opinions are like assets – everyone needs … Continue reading

How To Get The Most From Your AdWords Grant Account

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Google Grant accounts are a great opportunity for non-profit charity organizations which do not have a budget for marketing activities. For those who have never heard of Grant accounts before: Google gives a monthly budget of $10,000 USD to non-profit organizations to set up and run their campaigns in AdWords. For charities which are reliant on donations and invest all their contributions into helping others, this is a valuable support … Continue reading

Reef Speak At General Assembly Event

Reef Digital at General Assembly
Early last month, my colleague Marina and I were invited by Marlene Vicaire to guest speak at a digital workshop held at the renowned General Assembly – a ‘global education provider’ offering a plethora of online and offline courses across Technology, Data, Design, Business and of course my forte – Digital Marketing. The gig – providing an overview of search engine optimisation (SEO) – both from a technical and content … Continue reading

How does owned, earned and paid media work with content marketing?

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Content remains one of the most misunderstood areas of marketing. With brands continuing to adopt dozens of online channels, and using these channels in myriad ways, the lines are often blurred and it’s easy to become lost in buzzwords. In this post, we’ll look at how content marketing works with owned, earned and paid media to: Build an audience Grow demand Drive conversion Retain customers Robert Rose (Content Marketing Institute) … Continue reading

3 Integral AdWords Optimisation Features

If you’re a new PPC marketer, creating and optimising your first campaign can be a daunting task. Getting comfortable with the Google AdWords interface and understanding the importance of key features inside the platform will be crucial to your success. The sheer volume of these features can be overwhelming, but understanding what I believe to be 3 integral features of the platform will give you a solid foundation to rely … Continue reading