3 Google Analytics Metrics to Measure the Hidden Impact of Blog Posts and Content Marketing

Content Marketing is more than just jargon because great, useful, content can have a definite business impact. But while this impact should be measurable, it’s not always easy to know where to look and the data is often hidden away. So, here are a few of the useful but lesser-known Google Analytics metrics that we use to measure the truer impact of our clients’ content marketing. Assisted Conversions from Blog … Continue reading

SEM’ing Like A Boss: My 4 Rules Of Testing

It can be daunting when it comes to PPC optimisation and evaluation. You never start from the same place and it can be easy to lose track of your optimisation history (without meticulously going through the change history). The worst case scenario is mistakes are made and fly under the radar until the consequences of the mistake are felt. Spending my working days immersed in the AdWords dashboard, I’ve compiled … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About Google Removing Exact Match Keywords

RIP [Exact Match] Spelling snobs recoil in disgust for Google has forgiven the literary challenged by removing an option in the exact match settings. Google has made it compulsory for advertisers to opt in for close variants in exact match keywords. Up until a few days ago this option was a default setting that you could opt out of if you wished.   Opting out of ‘close variants’ in exact … Continue reading

Google Adwords Opportunities: Think Before Taking Action

I love working within the Adwords interface, not only does the data challenge you on a daily basis but once in awhile it throws you a curve ball without warning and up pops a new Beta product. This happened to me again the other day when I was examining the Opportunities Tab. For people that are not aware of this Tab it contains recommendations by Google that can improve your … Continue reading

The 3 Practical, Powerful Marketing Team Values that WIN

Why do some digital marketing teams win? After serving hundreds of clients in the most competitive industries, the answer is becoming clear. All other things being equal, there are 3 team values that the most successful teams share – and the rest, don’t. Better yet, these values are ready to use immediately and don’t require any budget. If you want your team to get more good work done, save time, capture opportunity earlier and eliminate waste, these are for you.

Maximising Ad Space with Expanded Text Ads & Ad Extensions

As Google rolls out Expanded Text Ads for AdWords users, it’s important to note that the additional characters you gain from Expanded Text Ads are just one focus area for capturing your target customer’s attention. In this post, we’re going to show combinations of Expanded Text Ads and Ad Extensions that will help you draw the eye to your ads and make the most effective use of your Google AdWords … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Digital PR

While wielding cocktails at fabulous parties is a PR stereotype I won’t completely deny, many companies are still yet to take advantage of the new age of Digital PR and how it immensely benefits your brand, not just with awareness and reach like traditional PR, but with measureable results. So as I sip on this delicious sauvignon blanc, in a rare break from my busy cocktail and party schedule, I … Continue reading

Google Announces Mobile Priority Indexing

As if you needed anymore reasons to ensure your website is mobile compatible, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, confirmed yesterday during PubCon that the search engine will be indexing the mobile versions of a website as the primary index, not the desktop pages. While we’ve known for sometime now that mobile searches have surpassed desktop, this update is rare in the fact that Google makes amendments almost constantly to … Continue reading

Snapchat Introduces Creepy Ads

Recently we wrote about Snapchat creating the ‘Stories Movement’, with Twitter and Instagram adding these features to their platforms. Now it appears that Snapchat is returning the favour with new targeting features that bare close resemblance to Facebook’s ‘audiences’. While advertisers will cheer at the prospect of new advertising options, Snapchat’s audience targeting will directly contradict well renowned comments from CEO, Evan Spiegel, who labelled such methods as “creepy”. Let’s … Continue reading

Should I Bid On Competitors’ Keywords?

Bidding on competitor’s brand names is quite common in many industries. If done correctly, it can result in a fast performance improvement and get you a valuable share of your competitor’s traffic. It is more or less accepted from Google’s side as long as you follow their ad policies and don’t include trademarked terms in your ad creatives. On the flip side, it can cause serious damage in the long … Continue reading