The 3 Practical, Powerful Marketing Team Values that WIN

Why do some digital marketing teams win? After serving hundreds of clients in the most competitive industries, the answer is becoming clear. All other things being equal, there are 3 team values that the most successful teams share – and the rest, don’t. Better yet, these values are ready to use immediately and don’t require any budget. If you want your team to get more good work done, save time, capture opportunity earlier and eliminate waste, these are for you.

Maximising Ad Space with Expanded Text Ads & Ad Extensions

As Google rolls out Expanded Text Ads for AdWords users, it’s important to note that the additional characters you gain from Expanded Text Ads are just one focus area for capturing your target customer’s attention. In this post, we’re going to show combinations of Expanded Text Ads and Ad Extensions that will help you draw the eye to your ads and make the most effective use of your Google AdWords … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Digital PR

While wielding cocktails at fabulous parties is a PR stereotype I won’t completely deny, many companies are still yet to take advantage of the new age of Digital PR and how it immensely benefits your brand, not just with awareness and reach like traditional PR, but with measureable results. So as I sip on this delicious sauvignon blanc, in a rare break from my busy cocktail and party schedule, I … Continue reading

Google Announces Mobile Priority Indexing

As if you needed anymore reasons to ensure your website is mobile compatible, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, confirmed yesterday during PubCon that the search engine will be indexing the mobile versions of a website as the primary index, not the desktop pages. While we’ve known for sometime now that mobile searches have surpassed desktop, this update is rare in the fact that Google makes amendments almost constantly to … Continue reading

Snapchat Introduces Creepy Ads

Recently we wrote about Snapchat creating the ‘Stories Movement’, with Twitter and Instagram adding these features to their platforms. Now it appears that Snapchat is returning the favour with new targeting features that bare close resemblance to Facebook’s ‘audiences’. While advertisers will cheer at the prospect of new advertising options, Snapchat’s audience targeting will directly contradict well renowned comments from CEO, Evan Spiegel, who labelled such methods as “creepy”. Let’s … Continue reading

Should I Bid On Competitors’ Keywords?

Bidding on competitor’s brand names is quite common in many industries. If done correctly, it can result in a fast performance improvement and get you a valuable share of your competitor’s traffic. It is more or less accepted from Google’s side as long as you follow their ad policies and don’t include trademarked terms in your ad creatives. On the flip side, it can cause serious damage in the long … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Isn’t Helping Your SEO

One of the most common questions I get asked is “why isn’t my blog working for me?”. In this context, it’s usually about SEO and improving your organic ranking. While it’s not always easy to answer this question, there’s definitely a few things that I look out for when I go through a blog to investigate. Here’s my top 3 tips to look out for when you want to make … Continue reading

Keyword Planner Restrictions Imposed For Low Spending AdWords Accounts

A few weeks ago I opened the Google keyword planner to do some research for one of my clients. It’s an everyday task for me, so imagine my surprise when I was suddenly shown this message: “To use Keyword Planner, you need to have at least one active campaign”. Image credit. After a moment of confusion and several page reloads I found out that Google had announced some major changes … Continue reading

Snapchat Creates Stories Movement

Two of social media’s heavy weights, Instagram and Twitter, announced brand new features to their applications last week. They allow you create and share short videos and arrange them to make a story, pretty cool right? Man how do they come up with this stuff?! Oh that’s right, they didn’t. As many of you will already know, both Instagram and Twitter have decided that Snapchat was on to something and … Continue reading

4 Free (& 1 Paid) Google SEO Resources for Standing-Out in Search

Chances are that if you run a business, Google plays an important role in connecting your target audience with your website. The purpose of this post is to connect you with resources provided by Google that are particularly beneficial, four of which are free, so that you can use this to your advantage and stand-out in search results. Let’s get started. #1: Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide What it … Continue reading