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Getting the right audience to your website is half the equation. Once they arrive, it’s your website’s job to inspire conversion actions. This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation fits in.

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Landing Pages

Delight your users when they click-through from your campaigns, serving them with exactly what they need to take that next step.

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Aren’t Working

Diagnose and solve conversion problems across your entire site, raising the value of each and every visitor you receive – whatever device they happen to be on.

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Strong conversion rates completely change the cost-per-acquisition equation and open up new, effective traffic channels that aren’t viable for competitors.

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In-Depth, Process Driven Approach

Instead of random tactics, tips and tricks, you'll get CRO services focused on driving sustainable, long-term marketing improvement by better understanding your audience and finding ways to improve the experience they get online.

Experienced CRO

Improving a website requires both formal training and business experience. When you choose Reef, you’ll work with people who are trained in the art and science of conversion rate optimisation and who have a track record of delivering.

Upstream and

Many CRO agencies don’t know much about traffic. We do. Both your traffic sources and your website work best when they are optimised together, so we take an upstream and downstream optimisation approach.


What does Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) measure?

Every business has a unique corporate objective it needs to measure – be it sales, downloads or sign ups. The textbook definition of conversion rate:

Conversion Rate = Conversions/Total Visitors x 100%

However, not all conversions are created equal. It’s important to note a “conversion” is not always congruent to your core business objective. A real world, non textbook conversion is defined as “any action that progresses your potential customer journey further into your funnel and closer to your ultimate business goal”.

What role does CRO play in optimising my PPC account?

Organic and PPC campaigns are effective in targeting and directing the right visitor traffic to your website. PPC campaign optimisations traditionally test methods and assets for engagement levels to target visitors most likely to convert on your website. CRO examines the effectiveness of the (potential) visitor conversion journey from your landing page to your ultimate goal – customer conversion.

What are macro and micro conversions?

A micro conversion is a single action completed by a visitor to your website that progresses closer to the ultimate business goal – a sale (macro conversion).

How can I calculate my conversion rate?

By using the following formula:

Conversion Rate = Conversions/Total Visitors x 100%

However, as a number of variables are included into the equation of calculating an accurate conversion rate, the most reliable data is attained via your analytics platform – Google, Adobe, Shopify etc.

Why do I need Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Improved Customer Insights
The better you know your customers, the more effective your understanding of their needs. Knowledge of your customers needs gives you an edge in the optimal marketing approach to aid in the conversion of a sale. CRO helps you reach the right customers for your business. Driving more (unqualified) traffic to your website won’t help achieve your business goals if a sale conversion is unlikely.

Better Return On Investment (ROI)
Successful optimisation yields a higher return from your existing budget. Increasing your ROI isn’t as simple as spending more money to generate more traffic. Your website design must meet best practices in CRO and User Experience (UX) to convert your existing traffic.

Better Scalability
Once your website is designed to convert browsers into buyers, it’s now time to consider increasing your traffic and scaling your online business.

Better User Experience
Website visitors desire easy, elegant and intuitive user experiences. Invest the time to understand what works for your visitors – establish what’s working, and what’s not? Scale up what works, and remove what isn’t. A positive user experience enhances the likelihood of repeat customers.

Enhanced Trust
Website visitors feel comfortable and spend more time on a site that is informative, provides answers to questions, imparts value, is intuitive to use and aesthetically-pleasing to the eye. Visitors are unlikely to spend time on your website – let alone provide you their personal and payment details if the user experience isn’t optimised.

What should I optimise?

Assuming your website has tracking correctly setup, your analytics account is the best place for insight into your customer journey and funnels. Review your analytics to understand your underperforming stages and pages. Your analytics will drive the focus of priorities and highlight areas to dedicate resources for maximum optimisation.

Is there a typical “good” conversion rate I should target?

No, as no two businesses perform the same. Your conversion rate should be measured against your previous month performance (your baseline) and grown from your baseline value. Steady, long term growth is the goal.

What KPIs should I be tracking?

Each business has a unique set of objectives and actions you desire your visitor to action for the accomplishment of a customer conversion. Below are a few key metrics you may wish to consider:

1. Number of sales
2. Average order value
3. Macro and micro conversion rates (CR – the measure of your site’s effectiveness in persuading your visitors to take a desired action).
4. Ecommerce revenue per channel
5. Conversion and bounce rates per device
6. Conversion rates per browser
7. Number of exits per page
8. Number of leads per channel
9. Cost per acquisition
10. ROI
11. Subscribers

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