How a Blog Strategy Led to a 1000% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Top Hair Appliance Company
How a Blog Strategy Led to a 1000% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Top Hair Appliance Company

How a Blog Strategy Led to a 1000% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Top Hair Appliance Company

About the client:

The client is among the world’s leading hair appliance companies. Their brand pairs the rich heritage of globally celebrated hairstylists with the technological smarts of a top hair appliance company to bring consumers the best in hair styling and grooming products in Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenge: Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

The client wanted Reef to:

  • Move potential buyers from the awareness to engagement stage by educating them and building their trust in the brand
  • Create top-of-the-funnel content focused on brand awareness and providing value to the audience 
  • Deliver content that helps solve problems or answers questions to common hair struggles and finally directing prospects to a product that will solve their problem.

Reef’s Approach to Creating an Effective Blog Content Strategy: 

We based our content strategy on topics that target common hair struggles and subtly provide a solution with helpful how-to videos, haircare tips and products to use. This process involved:

  1. Defining audience goals
  2. Conducting niche market research
  3. Selecting content topic ideas and long-tail keywords to target
  4. Creating a content calendar
  5. Producing content
  6. Optimising content for improving gaining organic visibility

Apart from creating new content we also improved old blog posts by optimising them with meta titles and descriptions, internal links and headings. In addition, we added well-researched, keyword-optimised content where needed.

Goals of the blog strategy:

  • Using content marketing to boost search rankings and traffic. 
  • Drive more organic traffic to the blog and get greater visibility in the SERPs
  • To educate audiences at different stages of the customer journey
  • Build brand awareness and nurture subscribers 
  • Build loyalty with existing customers
  • Support the launch of a new product 

How we Selected Content Topics that Resonated with the Target Audience

The Problem Agitation Solution (PAS) copywriting principle worked exceptionally well for this client when selecting content themes and topics:

In collaboration with the client, we then designed a content calendar for the following six months, which includes topics and a publishing schedule. We selected topics that were relevant to their niche. We also identified long-tail keywords with low competition but medium-to-high search volumes.

This has enabled the client’s team to create content that their users are searching online, like helpful hair tips, advice and how-to tutorials.

The Results:

1000% increase in organic search traffic for the client’s blog.

Blog Results for Jan-June 2019 vs Jan-June 2018:

  • 1000% increase in organic users 
  • 1300% increase in new users to the blog 
  • Featured snippets wins for keywords like “Easy hairstyles at home
  • 20% increase in overall new organic users to the site
  • An increase of 1500+ keywords in June 2019. An additional 150+ keywords ranking on page 1.

What made the difference:

The biggest factors that contributed to a massive increase in blog traffic were:

  • A consistent production, optimisation and publishing schedule. 
  • A collaborative approach with the client to plan evergreen and trending topics. 
  • Optimising old blog posts to make them appear more frequently on SERPs.

We supported organic efforts by leveraging paid traffic to boost trending and seasonal content. This generated brand awareness to the new blog posts in a short span of time.

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