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We just wrapped-up a four month study of top performing Google Ad Grants accounts in our client portfolio. Get the key insights and recommendations to uplift your Google Ad Grant clicks, conversions and impact.

Maximise the value and impact of your Google Ad Grant

With the right strategy and optimisation, your Google Ad Grant can be a strong contributor in your marketing mix

Use Your Google Ad Grants Spend

Spend as much of the US$10,000 per month as possible, which is US$329 per day of potential

Run Higher Performing Appeals

When more people know about your cause, your appeals can reach a wider audience

Optimise & Maintain Compliance

Keep your Google Grant in high standing, meeting and exceeding compliance requirements

Here to help you overcome challenges like:

  • Lack of time to manage in-house
  • Fixing problems within your Google Ads account
  • Technical overwhelm
  • Staying compliant
  • Staying on top of the latest techniques and features
  • Unlocking the full potential of the platform

Google Ad Grants Management for Busy Charities and Nonprofits

We get it – there’s a lot on your already busy schedule. At Reef, we are a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional with many years experience so have a streamlined process for getting you results and saving you time in the process.

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Maximise The Value Of Your Google Ad Grant

Whether you are brand new to the Google Ad Grants or have an active account already, we can help you take performance to the next level.

Spend More of Your $10k/m

If your Google Ad Grants account is struggling to serve ads and get spend away productively, we are here to help. In our experience getting multiple accounts to reach the full $10k/m, success starts with strategy, i.e. determining where it fits in your digital marketing mix and how it can best contribute, and then extends to account configuration, management and optimisation. As your Google Ads partner, we’ll together overcome these challenges so you consistently spend more and generate high-quality conversion actions in the process.

Balance Grant and Paid

Many advertisers choose to maintain both a ‘Grants’ and ‘Paid’ Google Ads Account, which we recommend. The challenge these advertisers face is using each to its strengths and full potential. The ideal scenario is for Grants to be showing wherever possible with Paid supplementing and extending. However, we frequently see situations where Ad Grants and Paid aren’t configured this way and end up operating in silos. We can help you address this so you get more value from both your Ad Grants and Paid spend on an ongoing basis.

Explore Additional Ad Grants

To give you greater reach beyond the Google Ad Grants program, you may benefit from additional Ads Grants such as the Microsoft Ads For Social Impact programme which gives you up to the $3k/USD per month. As your PPC agency partner, we can you help find and benefit from these lesser-known programs to maximise your impact and results.

Help With Landing Pages & Assets

From ads to landing pages, email sequences, SEO, content, copywriting and everything in-between, the team at Reef has the capabilities to support you across all the major requirements for successful digital marketing campaigns. We work closely with you and your in-house team to give you additional capacity and capability, becoming a specialised extension and external viewpoint for you.


I don't have the Google Ad Grant - how do I get it?

The best place to go is to the Google for Nonprofits – Ad Grants page and click ‘Get Started’. You’ll then go through a questionnaire to determine eligibility and if accepted into the programme, receive your Google Ad Grant account.

Can you help me get the Google Ad Grant?

We certainly can but please don’t think you need an agency to help you get the Grant because you don’t. In fact, if you fill out the application form yourself, you’ll speed up the process of getting your Grant because the agency is the ‘middleman’ between you and the form, and the form is questions about your organisation.

How much does Ad Grants management with Reef cost?

From ~$200 per week, depending on the complexity and change frequency of your Grant account. We strive to keep our Google Ad Grants management services as affordable as possible.

How long have you been handling Google Ads and pay-per-click advertising?

Reef started as a search marketing agency in 2011 so PPC and SEO have been at the heart of what we do best for clients since the day we first opened our doors. In 2018, we earned the Google Ad Grants Certified Professional designation from Google, the first agency in APAC to receive this title.

What PPC certifications and partnerships do you hold?

Reef are Google Partners with several certifications which you can view live on our agency page within the Google Directory.

We also hold partner status with Microsoft Ads and Optimizely.

Do I need an agency for the Google Grant Management?

Having an agency to manage your Google Grant is not strictly necessary. Many nonprofits opt for the DIY approach instead. The challenge with DIY is that there is a learning curve to Google Ads and to the Grant itself (which is why we put free videos on our YouTube channel to share knowledge), and it requires your time on an ongoing basis for performance and compliance. If you are already busy, DIY is probably not right for you.

If you do wish to DIY, the simplest way to get started with your first campaign is to follow this step-by-step tutorial from Google. This tutorial uses a special campaign type called a ‘SMART’ campaign, which is designed to make the setup and management process as easy and as automated as possible.

While SMART campaigns have their strengths, they are the deliberately simple which means that many features of Google Ads aren’t available with them. If you switch into more advanced campaign types, that’s where you will find greater options for getting more value from your Google Grant. A great place to learn more about Google Ads, should you like to go beyond SMART campaigns, is the Google Ads Skillshop. If you combine what you learn there with the information about the Grant available on the Reef YouTube Channel Google Grant playlist, you’ll be better able to DIY.

How transparent are you in sharing data with me?

100%. You have full administrative access to all the platforms we work with you on, and our view is that your accounts are yours, your campaigns are yours, your data is yours, your creative is yours and anything we create for you is yours. We are simply here to help setup and manage your PPC and online advertising as your specialist PPC agency.

We also disclose the tools and technology in our tech stack (we’re proud of it!) so you know exactly what we’re doing, how and why, to maximise the value you get for your PPC budget.

What are your platform capabilities?

We can help you with online advertising across all major platforms and several niche networks.

Generally, the approach that works best is to start with the highest-popularity platforms first then expand out as required.

The channel mix you receive will depend on your objectives, but we’ll usually start with SEM (Google and Bing Ads) and supporting Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns across Google’s Display Network and Facebook.

Then, we’ll branch out with more Google Display like YouTube, targeted ad buys, GDN inventory and more Social Ads. After that, wider Programmatic Display.

Your channel mix will depend on your objectives and strategy, which we will help create with you.

How is your PPC agency different?

We are likely to be a good fit for you if:

  • You want to work with an agency who takes the Google Ad Grant very seriously. Please check out this Google Ad Grants playlist in YouTube for more about how we help you get the most from this spend.
  • You prefer working with senior, experienced personnel
  • You want transparency. You own your accounts and your data, and have full access at all times
  • You value growth, i.e. bringing new opportunities to your attention

Have you won any PPC awards?

Yes. You can check those out on the About Us page if you’d like to take a look.

How do you approach PPC reporting?

We use a combination of Google Data Studio, DashThis with insights added regularly.

For most clients, we do a fortnightly check-in and monthly reporting, with quarterly strategy sessions.
For our larger clients with particularly complex needs, we do more frequent check-ins, weekly WIPs, monthly reporting and strategy sessions as required.

The goal of all of our reporting is to present you with the metrics that you care about. Because this varies from organisation to organisation, your reporting will be tailored to your needs, evolve as you require and is highly customisable.

If I were to switch agencies or move my PPC campaign management in-house, what would happen to my campaigns?

Your campaigns will remain exactly as they are and be accompanied by a smooth handover from Reef to whoever is responsible for them moving forward.

We will then remove you from our MCC agency account and, if requested, delete any past reports, spreadsheets, meeting notes or other items.

We do not charge a fee for continuing to use our campaign structures or any part of the PPC accounts we’ve created for you. The reason for this is because these are your campaigns, not ours. They belong to you and as such, are yours to use as you wish.

How do you determine which metrics and goals equal success for my PPC program?

During our onboarding sessions, we’ll together determine the metrics that you care about most and build our campaign management and reporting accordingly. If these metrics evolve or change over time, we’ll update them together.

Generally speaking, we optimise and report on a combination of micro and macro metrics including:

  • Quantity metrics (conversion volumes, conversion types)
  • Cost metrics (cost per click, cost per acquisition/conversion, total spend by network and device, budget pacing)
  • Revenue metrics (total revenue generated, revenue per click, top-selling products and services, return on investment)
  • Consumption metrics (time on site, average pages viewed)
  • Engagement metrics (click through rate, interaction rate)
  • Reach metrics (impressions, impression share)
  • Competitive metrics (lost impression share)

Reef PPC reporting is delivered via a combination of live dashboards and monthly and quarterly snapshots, typically comparing time periods like month on month and year on year.

How do you plan to work with me to refine and ultimately reach my PPC goals?

When we commence your engagement, we will together go through several strategy discussions to establish the foundation for the work ahead.

These meetings dive into important items related to your audience, messaging, channel mix, measurements, marketing calendar and much more, which speeds up the agency learning curve and gets us moving fast.

From there, we’ll be in a close contact working relationship where we manage your PPC campaigns and continuously optimise your ads, keywords, targeting, account organisation, bidding, budgets, networks and data collection methods.

Together, we’ll use each platform to its full potential so you benefit from the latest features and innovations happening in PPC.

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