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Google Ads & PPC


Put the world's most powerful channels to full use.
Start multiplying visitors, leads and sales with your performance-focused digital partner.


Google Ads and Online Advertising management designed to help you:
  • Identify, attract and convert more of your most valuable customers online
  • Drive ROI and scale-up with precise, measurable advertising campaigns
  • Explore multiple channels and new opportunities, maximising each based on business goals


Choose an agency who listens to your needs, responds to your market and strives for success. We build effective online advertising based on your audience, goals and timeframes. Then launch, optimise and measure high performance campaigns across the world’s most powerful platforms
  • Team led by an ex-Googler responsible for training agencies
  • Proven track record in managing successful campaigns.
  • Client satisfaction score of 9.4 out of 10
  • Thorough, well-explained planning aligned with your objectives
  • Process-driven approach for accuracy and consistency
  • Performance Media has been our specialisation since 2011
  • Insightful performance reporting and strategic reviews
  • Established Google Premier Partner agency
  • Numerous Google certifications across the team
  • Australia's first Google Ad Grants Certified Professional agency
  • Certified AB Tasty Agency, a leading conversion rate optimisation platform
  • Ready to work with both experienced advertisers and those just discovering digital


Be there as your target audiences traverse search engines, social networks, blogs, video, news sites, forums and everything in-between.

Capture the attention of the potential customers you want - the people most important to you - and filter out those you don’t.

Whether right next door or across the globe, you can reach the people with the highest commercial and strategic value to your business at the precise times they're most receptive.

These are the moments that matter and with effective Performance Media, you can position yourself to win them across every part of the modern online customer journey.


You get a full Google Ads and Performance Media management solution with Reef, matched to your specific requirements. Here’s a selection of what that can entail:


  • Google Ads - the world’s largest advertising network, granting you access to Google’s users across the internet
  • Search - target searchers by triggering your ads for the keywords your audiences use, matched with compelling ad messaging and landing pages
  • Display - show image, text, video and multimedia ads as your target audience browse topically relevant websites
  • Remarketing - reconnect with people who have been to your website before but have not yet converted
  • Shopping - place your product images, pricing and special offers in search and shopping results
  • Video - promote your video or TV commercials to interested audiences on YouTube
  • Mobile - drive phone calls, app installs and provide directions for people using handheld devices
  • DoubleClick - access ad inventory with the biggest brands and publishers
  • AdRoll - prospect and retarget with intelligent algorithms
  • LinkedIn - reach influencers, engage audiences and gain followers with text, image and video ads
  • Facebook - pinpoint targeting to connect with people based on their behaviour, demographics and interests
  • Instagram - drive engagement, build your social profile and reach
  • Twitter - drive traffic to your website, increase tweet engagements and grow your followers


  • Advanced Analytics - track form-fills, transactions, user engagement and important actions taking place on your website
  • KPI focused reporting - providing clear channel attribution, progress versus targets and useful insights about marketing performance
  • Phone tracking - to capture calls and match them to your online campaigns


  • Third party tech - including emerging Artificial Intelligence innovations to aid targeting and bidding
  • Network provided - leveraging specialty technologies within each platform
  • Inhouse - developing rules and scripts as per your requirements
  • Early access to new ad network features including invite-only betas that aren’t available to other advertisers yet


  • Team of Sydney specialists who live and breathe Performance Media and who stay up-to-date in this fast moving space
  • Qualified consultants and recognised as Google Premier Partner
  • Led by an ex-Googler responsible for training agencies on how to better maximise their accounts, who you will work with
  • High-contact and in your account constantly to be your specialist 'go to'


How an account is setup, managed and optimised plays a huge role in whether or not it is successful. Performance Media campaigns with Reef use an inhouse methodology that combines best practices with our collective experience and technology. This approach enables clients to benefit from more precise targeting and leaner costs, producing outstanding results in highly competitive industries and earning industry recognition from Google in relation to account health, retention and growth.

How Much Does Working With Reef Cost?

We're always happy to discuss appropriate pricing depending on your requirements, budget and performance expectations. For indicative purposes, being able to invest $5k per month in your campaigns with Reef would allow for a selection of options to be available to you.

What's next?

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your situation, please call 02 9412 1817 or complete the form below. You'll get a quick reply from our Sydney based team. The process generally goes something like this:
1. Initial consultation
  • Your introductory chat with our Digital Business Manager, Matt. Share what you're looking for and we'll explain if and how we can help you. If we're a good match, we can proceed to the next step together. If we're not, we'll help point you in the right direction so it's a good use of your time either way.
2. Research and diagnostics
  • To guide our conversations and shape thinking, a detailed analysis of your situation will take place. You'll see examinations of each area important to our discussion, showing you the reasoning and thinking.
3. Receive our best ideas in a detailed, custom proposal
  • Find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision. You'll know exactly what you'll get, when you'll get it and how much it costs.
4. Discuss and confirm
  • Choosing a new agency is an important decision with big consequences. You’ll have all your questions answered so you can proceed with complete confidence, should you like to.
5. Smooth handover (if applicable) and setup tasks
  • Depending on your situation, you may have a transition period from another agency. We are here to help this handover be as smooth as possible, getting up-to-speed quickly on past and current work-in-progress, and helping to handle any administration. You'll also be guided through a short and relatively painless migration into our systems and processes.
6. Let's Go!
  • With the ground work complete, you'll be 100% ready to officially kick-off. Pop a bottle!

A great company to work with. Very proactive, data-driven, and supportive of our business needs. Would highly recommend working with Reef

John Quertermous, Head of Marketing & Tourism at Opera Australia


From acquisition to conversion, optimisation and expansion, we can help you use the world's most powerful digital marketing channels to full effect.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss:

  • Your current digital marketing coverage
  • Your opportunities to create efficiencies and capture potential
  • Your competitive environment
  • Your options and associated timelines for results to arrive
  • Your measurement and tracking choices

We work with clients big and small, B2B, B2C and NFP

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