Using The Google Solutions Gallery To Access Ready Made Advanced Analytics Reports
Using The Google Solutions Gallery To Access Ready Made Advanced Analytics Reports

Using The Google Solutions Gallery To Access Ready Made Advanced Analytics Reports

Custom dashboards in GA are gaining acceptance among the digital marketing community as a really useful way to leverage useful insights into business performance, especially with the range of pre-configured dashboards that are available to import into your GA account, allowing time-strapped marketers to get started spinning genius-level insights straight away.

What is less often discussed, however, is the other range of imports available in Google’s solutions gallery.

Crowdsourced goals, attribution models, channel groupings, custom reports, remarketing lists and audience segments are all available to import into accounts at the click of a button.

The quickest way to find a suitable solution for your account is to use the left hand side navigation of the Solutions Gallery to filter by type of solution and category (this is like a focus for the solution you are searching for, e.g. Ecommerce, engagement, mobile etc).

As you can see in the screenshot below, every upload to the Solutions Gallery is made by a registered user, and this can be a very good indicator of quality and usefulness of the solution.

dan stone search


Clicking on the link in the name of the user who created the solution will initiate a custom search for all other solutions from that user, which can then be filtered by the options on the left hand side column, or devoured into your account en-masse!

Pro-tip: rockstars of the analytics world like Justin Cutroni have a customised profile picture, which is usually a sure sign that their solutions are top-notch!

With thousands of potential solutions to choose from, Google has included a few other options beyond author images to allow marketers to judge quality and relevance of solutions.

Obviously the description should give you a clear idea of what the solution could potentially tell you about your business, but looking at the icons around the name of the solution also reveals some useful data like category, and most importantly, how many times the solution has been downloaded and the aggregate rating given to it by the GA community. High numbers of downloads + high rating = analytics gold.

solutions data gif


To help you get started with the Solutions Gallery, there are a lot of existing resources online about which are the best custom dashboards to use, one of the best being this guide from Econsultancy, however we wanted to focus on the more neglected areas like goals, attribution models and remarketing lists, so here are some of the solutions we have found most useful for those purposes.


[Engagement Pack] Core Remarketing Lists

This solution by Dan Stone and the GA Team is great for giving you a solid base of audience segments to start a remarketing campaign for any client. When you are ready to get really creative with your remarketing strategies, advanced and e-commerce focused versions of this list are available.


Avinash’s Market Motive Mindblowing Model

Avinash Kaushik is one of the most knowledgable guys when it comes to wringing data insights out of Google Analytics.This solution is designed to recreate an attribution model he used very successfully for one of his clients at Market Motive.


Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics

Goals can be trickier than other solution types to find pre-configured to your needs since the set-up is highly specific to the individual needs of a business, but for marketers looking to dive into Enhanced Ecommerce in GA, this list of goals and segments is a great place to start.


If you would like to share any of your thoughts about the Solutions Gallery or want some help figuring out which data you need to be reporting on from GA, drop us an email via our contact page or let me know in the comments below!

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