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Lift your rankings, attract new visitors & receive more conversions

  • Proven SEO success in competitive industries like fashion, food delivery, broadband & law
  • Team of specialists who work closely with you to accomplish your SEO goals
  • Refined SEO processes and methodology that delivers clear, measurable results


  • SEO strategy, setting the direction of your SEO to scale up growth and complement your wider marketing initiatives
  • Content, working with you to produce magnetic assets that draw in your audience by understanding how they search and discover information online
  • Digital PR, link building and promotion, to attract and earn links, social shares and citations that send new visitors and show search engines how important your site is to rank
  • Local SEO, to raise your presence for people who want to find your physical location
  • Advice for those tricky, specialty scenarios like website redesigns, domain migrations and rebrands, so your SEO transition is smoothly handled


When people search online for commercial queries, the first two organic results can attract upwards of 40% of the clicks. That's often more than all the paid ads, combined.
  • Ethical, sustainable SEO practices only
  • Specialists in SEO since 2011 (when our agency opened its doors)
  • Bespoke strategy designed for your brand
  • Out-think rather than outspend mindset
  • Research and insights continuously steer activity
  • Independent SEO agency who live and breathe digital
  • Enterprise SEO tools help identify ways to outrank market leaders
  • Commercial mindset to stay focused on business impact
  • Process-driven approach that monitors results as they happen
  • Clear reporting and explanations of performance
  • Fresh-thinking for the fast-moving SEO environment


80% of SEO wins come from 20% of activities

In competitive SEO environments where everyone wants the top spot, productivity depends on understanding and focusing on the inputs that move the needle the most - and not getting distracted by those that don't.

To win, you need an SEO agency with a solid plan. A custom-made SEO roadmap that outlines where you are now, where you're going next and how you're going to get there.

An SEO agency who insists on providing you with experienced, senior leadership. Insightful reports that actually help you make decisions. Regular catch-ups and big picture strategy check-ins to track progress and keep you informed.

So you spend less time waiting for results to arrive, and more time enjoying them.

What does a full SEO solution look like?

Take advantage of everything search engine optimisation has to offer. As a full-service Sydney SEO agency, our engagements have many moving parts and you will be kept up-to-speed with all of them. From strategy to performance, audiences, tactics and competitor movements, you will receive the SEO activities most beneficial for your goals and requirements, including:
  • Technical SEO to identify and fix on-site barriers to search engines while determining and solving usability, site architecture, and conversion rate optimisation problems.
  • Keyword Research to understand user search behaviour and define immediate and long-term opportunities for connecting with your target audience.
  • Competitor Analysis to uncover changes in the organic rankings of competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Local Search Optimisation to increase ranking visibility for office and business locations on services such as Google Maps and Google Places for Business
  • Content-Focused Link Building to acquire links, citations and social interactions by producing useful, compelling content and assets
  • Web Developer Support to ensure ongoing website health during the implementation of SEO recommendations.
  • SEO Consultation to diagnose and solve any SEO challenges through practical explanation and supporting documentation
  • Ecommerce SEO to lift rankings, indexation and online sales activity
  • Regular reporting with data and insights to track progress of your website's visibility and performance
  • Quarterly reviews to keep SEO strategy calibrated with your goals and objectives, as well as the inevitable macro and micro changes that can occur
You’ve probably heard a lot of different things about SEO… There are only two ways to do SEO: the right way and the wrong way. At Reef, we marry your website with the goals of the searcher and the goals of the search engine - the right way.Manipulating search results and exploiting algorithmic loopholes - the wrong way - is high-risk and short-termist. There's no need to play those games.A smarter approach is to make your brand part of a better user experience for your (and Google's) users. Your rewards are clicks, conversions and customers.
Proud to be totally unlike the typical SEO agency. Specialising in SEO since day one in 2011, we live, breathe and love it for the power it has to instantly and strategically connect you with your target audiences. With wide-ranging experience, Reef SEO processes are a combination of best practices, thousands of hours of education and at times, a little bit of ingenuity. The outcome for clients is SEO that delivers clear, measurable results in close alignment with their most important objectives and wider marketing strategies.

How Much Does Working With Reef Cost?

We're always happy to discuss appropriate pricing depending on your requirements, budget and performance expectations. For indicative purposes, being able to invest $5k per month in your campaigns with Reef would allow for a selection of options to be available to you.

What's next?

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your situation, please call 02 9412 1817 or complete the form below. You'll get a quick reply from our Sydney based team. The process generally goes something like this:
1. Initial consultation
  • Your introductory chat with our Digital Business Manager, Matt. Share what you're looking for and we'll explain if and how we can help you. If we're a good match, we can proceed to the next step together. If we're not, we'll help point you in the right direction so it's a good use of your time either way.
2. Research and diagnostics
  • To guide our conversations and shape thinking, a detailed analysis of your situation will take place. You'll see examinations of each area important to our discussion, showing you the reasoning and thinking.
3. Receive our best ideas in a detailed, custom proposal
  • Find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision. You'll know exactly what you'll get, when you'll get it and how much it costs.
4. Discuss and confirm
  • Choosing a new agency is an important decision with big consequences. You’ll have all your questions answered so you can proceed with complete confidence, should you like to.
5. Smooth handover (if applicable) and setup tasks
  • Depending on your situation, you may have a transition period from another agency. We are here to help this handover be as smooth as possible, getting up-to-speed quickly on past and current work-in-progress, and helping to handle any administration. You'll also be guided through a short and relatively painless migration into our systems and processes.
6. Let's Go!
  • With the ground work complete, you'll be 100% ready to officially kick-off. Pop a bottle!

A great company to work with. Very proactive, data-driven, and supportive of our business needs. Would highly recommend working with Reef

John Quertermous, Head of Marketing & Tourism at Opera Australia


From acquisition to conversion, optimisation and expansion, we can help you use the world's most powerful digital marketing channels to full effect.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss:

  • Your current digital marketing coverage
  • Your opportunities to create efficiencies and capture potential
  • Your competitive environment
  • Your options and associated timelines for results to arrive
  • Your measurement and tracking choices

We work with clients big and small, B2B, B2C and NFP

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