The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital
The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital

The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital

Dress codes can be a tricky thing in offices where it isn’t immediately obvious what’s appropriate and what will get you a wee chat with the boss. Sure, if you’re a finance professional or a lawyer then it’s not a high wager bet that you’re going to be in a suit, or a variation of, but what of companies like ours? You know, those on-fleek trendy devils in digital agencies.


That got us thinking…we want to be professional, but not overly-formal, and casual without being mistaken for someone in the midst of a Netflix binge (onesie and popcorn crumbs for those wondering). Thus, we find ourselves in the ever descriptive “smart casual” category. And much like many people’s faces staring at those words on a party invitation and going “ahhh”(no Allianz jokes), we wanted to fill in our team on what we actually meant, without becoming dictators of fashion. Ultimately, we wanted a dress code that embodied who we are, so I thought to myself…it would be a crime not to rhyme right? Check it out;


The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital


Dressing at Reef is a simple task

But there’s a few requests that we must ask  

Smart Casual is the code to which we adhere  

So read below dear Reefer, there’s nothing to fear


A collared shirt for gents is sound  

While a T-Shirt at meetings will render a frown  

Clean and tidy shoes of dress,

is sure to colour us impressed  

But battered sneakers, thongs and sandals

may have you looking a tad unhandled


For the ladies, it’s easy. Your choice is more vast  

as someone deciding your clothing’s a thing of the past  

we trust that your style and fashion’s on point  

we only ask that no beachwear or thongs come into the joint  

however dresses and skirts that are shorter in manner

may into the works throw a spanner


Hopefully now the message is clear  

by keeping it classy, our clients we’ll endear  

so onward dear Reefer, it’s time to display

all the things you learnt from this rhyme today.


Should you be seeking further clarity  

please seek the words of the powers that be  

for I’m a mere writer. not a purveyor of truth  

I’m really only good at sounding like Dr. Seuss



It’s just a bit of fun, but we feel that’s really all that’s necessary, plus the promise of 20 lashes by cat-o-nine-tails for non-compliance acts as a reasonably strong deterrent. Just kidding… or am I?


We wanted to know, does your business have a dress code, either formally or informally? If so, post yours in the comments! Punishments for those who disobey also welcome.


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