What’s the best marketing decision you’ve made in 2019?
What’s the best marketing decision you’ve made in 2019?

What’s the best marketing decision you’ve made in 2019?

From finding new target markets to improving brand perception and from reaching more buyers to directly impacting sales performance, a focused marketing strategy can impact every aspect of a business. 

But not all marketing strategies are born equal – while some succeed spectacularly, others leave us with valuable learnings. So as we inch closer to the end of 2019, we decided to ask Reef’s valued clients what their best marketing decision this year was. 

Read on to know what strategies brought the most success to marketing experts in 2019.

“Making our website available in three languages”

Wendy Tsang, Digital Engagement Specialist


2019 has been a big year, in March 2019, I relaunched our website in Simplified Chinese. By August 2019, the website was available in Thai, making our website available in three languages.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in 2019 was to combine data from different sources to create actionable insights that addressed the needs of our audience. Following an evidence-based approach, I overlayed search trends researched by Reef Digital, with behavioural data I gathered from Google Analytics and Google Ads.

This analysis informed me of the pages on the website that were desired in Chinese and Thai by visitors, which were only available in the English language. The findings from the analysis gave me supporting evidence to invest in additional content translation for identified content that is of value to our visitors.

I am pleased to see these newly translated content pieces are becoming top pages accessed organically by our Chinese and Thai speaking audiences. I would advocate for a data-focused, evidence-based approach to address the needs of your audience in all digital marketing strategies.

“Implementing a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)”

Emma Jovanova, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Child Wise 

In 2019, Child Wise took a really significant marketing leap with the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). This has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of our communications with a growing and increasingly savvy audience. 

The CRM has dramatically improved the integrity of our data, enabling us to better target and segment our emails to these audiences, along with a host of time and resource efficiencies in automating many of our regular email creation and send processes. CRM helps us better understand the journey of our audiences and their engagement with our services, helping us to continuously review and improve our marketing tactics.

“Engaging Reef Digital!”

Shannyn Mills, Marketing Manager

Havwoods Australia

With the fast-paced digital world, when it came time to make improvements to our marketing plans in 2019 we knew that we needed to partner with the experts! Engaging Reef Digital Agency was the best decision we made this year. They supported us through the launch of our brand new website and lead the way in developing a winning digital strategy to ensure our success. Reef have taught us so much and always have a solution for every challenge we throw their way. Joel, Lauren and the Reef team are part of our family and I don’t know where we would be without them.

“A digital strategy for the Rugby World Cup”

Kevin Truong, Digital Marketing Manager

ChildFund Australia

Our best marketing decision in 2019 was our digital strategy for the Rugby World Cup. As principal charity partner, this is a huge opportunity for our sport for development program ChildFund Pass It Back, and Reef have been incredibly helpful with their knowledge and access to industry experts. I’m confident it’s going to be a success and as a small organisation we appreciate all the help we can get!

“Producing video content.”

Victoria Galloway, Head Of Content | APAC

Bambora APAC

Video had been top of our content marketing to-do list for a while and in 2019 the stars aligned. Producing video content has been a great journey for us and incredibly worthwhile. The online payments industry can be quite challenging for content producers as it’s intangible and quite abstract. But it can also be a little complicated once you delve into its technical aspects. 

Our main job is to keep things as simple as possible for our audience and video has enabled us to do this. We can explain big benefits, features and the whole Bambora experience very effectively. We’re using our video content to maximise website traffic, enhance our blog and boost our customer-focused content marketing. It has been a great decision!

“Choosing Reef Digital as our new digital marketing partner.”

Abdulla Rahhal, Director of Fundraising and Community Relations

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief Australia is an international aid and development agency and In 2019, we were on a mission to find a new digital marketing partner that will support us on our growth journey and deliver a great digital marketing strategy. After an extensive search, we were glad to choose Reef Agency as our new digital marketing partner and they’ve been an amazing partner. 

Working closely with us, they were able to quickly identify our needs and deliver two successful campaigns in such a short time period. We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship and much more great results to come.

“Bringing more customers into the decision-making process.”

Mike Field​, National Manager


carecareers started as a vehicle to bring talented individuals into the disability sector workforce, and naturally people with disability know better than anybody who is best suited.

With the guidance of the people with disability that we have hired, we have diversified into Let’s Talk Disability – disability awareness workshops. In the process we have broken down barriers, created a whole new revenue stream, unleashed a wealth of creative talent and had an extraordinary amount of fun.

“Building a new website and introducing marketing automation.”

David Goldman, ​General Manager – Brand, Marketing & Sustainability

Relationships Australia NSW

The best marketing decision I made this year was building a new website for Relationships Australia NSW and introducing marketing automation into our customers’ journey. We launched this website in May 2019, and integrated landing pages, forms and resources which enabled us to build a contact database for people who visited our website needing some help. 

I am so happy to report that since our website was launched, our contact database has grown from zero to 1,200 subscribers in 3 months’ time. Marketing automation has enabled us to then send targeted communication to the right people at the most relevant time, which would allow us to better serve our subscribers and customers and cater to their needs in the long run.

“Investing time and resources into developing a social media strategy”

Kate Efrat, Marketing Manager

Sydney Jewish Museum

The best marketing decision we made in 2019, was to invest time and resources into developing a proper Strategic Social Media Strategy for the Sydney Jewish Museum. Our social media is managed in-house, and previously our social media planning was more adhoc and less strategic.

Developing this Strategic Social Media Strategy has helped us to define different missions for each of our platforms, plan our goals, create content themes, clearly articulate our target audiences, and develop monitoring and response strategies.

As a result, our monthly content planning and content creation process is more effective and our social media engagement rates have significantly increased.

“Influencer marketing and video marketing”

Kathryn Matthews, Marketing Manager

ModularWalls Australia

Influencer Marketing

Partner and aligning ourselves with like-minded companies and influencers to achieve common marketing goals has been a game changer in our strategy. This has taken our brand to the next level; consumers in these communities talk and communicate about our brand in a trusted and meaningful way – what can be better than this?

It has also driven engagement, we saw a 20% increase in quality traffic, leads and Instagram followers in the period of the launch, which has been maintained after campaign has ended. Joint marketing efforts are a key to success, in that it defends you against your competitors and creates thought leadership within the marketplace.

Video Marketing

As we all know, video marketing was on 2018 hot-list, so how could we not take this and run? In 2019 we upskilled our staff in the marketing team to create in-house videos so we could be in control of the content and to ensure the content reflects our brand. And it worked! We not only increased our video views but we have received far more engagement over the past year on our social media, then we ever have before. To any marketer still using a video production company on every job, I would tell them to look at their own staff! Content is king and you need to refresh so often, who better to reflect your brand than the people who work within your team.

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