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Clear, Measurable Results

using the world's most powerful digital marketing channels


Driving Leads, Sales & ROI

As a specialist digital marketing agency and certified Google Premier Partner, Reef can help you dramatically increase your online visitors, conversions and sales.

Using the most powerful digital marketing channels

Attract more 'ready to buy' visitors to your website. Discover useful insights about your audience. How they search. What they want. Where they go. What they respond to. Then deliver your message at the right time, in the right place, and in the best possible way.

To precisely target your audiences online

Your customers are not all commercially equal. Win more conversions from your most important prospects using precise targeting and data-driven performance optimisation. Reach the people you want - and filter out those you don't.

And build lasting competitive advantage

Build a strong, connected brand. Expand your high-performing campaigns to scale your business, guide your decision making and support your wider marketing strategy.

  • case study snippet: opera Australia

    64% more ticket sales and 134% more revenue from AdWords in 6 months

    case study snippet: opera Australia
      "A great company to work with -- very proactive, data-driven, and supportive of our business needs. Would highly recommend working with Reef." - John Quertermous, Head of Marketing & Tourism
      In 6 months: Unlocked specialty Google AdWords features allowing for a 50%+ boost in search traffic for the same client spend. Ticket sales lifted 138% with revenue up by 134%
    • case study snippet: care careers

      300% increase in AdWords conversions

      case study snippet: care careers
        "In the two years that we have been working with Reef, we have seen our business steadily grow. They know their business inside out , and are easy to deal with and very responsive. Highly recommended." - Mike Field, Project Manager at NDS
        300% increase in AdWords conversions, 20% lift in Search click-through-rate, successful expansion into Display and YouTube
      • case study snippet: luxury travel

        560% more conversions and saving $10k media monthly

        case study snippet: luxury travel
          "Excellent results. I didn't believe it was going to happen, but it did" - Client, Co-Founder
          In 6 months: Conversions up 560%, average click-through-rate up 200%, budget down by 20% resulting in $10k+ saving per month
        • case study snippet: ecco shoes

          Slashing CPA and boosting traffic for Australia and Singapore

          case study snippet: ecco shoes
            "The Reef team were fantastic to work with on all fronts of the ECCO account. They took a lot of initiative to keep things running smoothly and were very responsive to any feedback or changes we had for our digital marketing plan. We always felt the process of working together was very natural and transparent from the friendly phone conversations to the incredibly detailed reporting system." - Warwick Levy, E-Commerce Digital Co-Ordinator
            Year-on-Year: Average cost per conversion decreased by 20% from AdWords, account average quality score up to 9 out of 10, dramatic lifts in organic rankings for commercial keywords
          • case study snippet: MyRepublic

            1 Year Market Share Goal Tripled

            case study snippet: MyRepublic
              "We chose Reef because they are dedicated. They live and breathe digital - it's part of their DNA - and that was really important to us. We didn't want an agency that just tacked on digital as an afterthought" - Bridget Devlin, Head of Marketing
              In 12 Months: MyRepublic arrived in Australia in December 2016 and appointed Reef for AdWords, Display and SEO. Starting conservatively and scaling-up in accordance with growth targets, campaigns have delivered tens of thousands of new customers by strategically capturing demand from people searching for the fastest internet speeds available in their area. MyRepublic's one year market share goal was reached in months, currently at over 3x expectations, with Reef now also managing New Zealand campaigns.
            • case study snippet: Order-In

              Record-breaking growth with Organic Search

              case study snippet: Order-In
                "Reef’s pragmatic and consistent push for best practices in SEO has seen our rankings rise from the bottom of the pack to page 1" - Paulette Rowley, Marketing Manager
                In 12 months: Organic Search sessions are up 199% with the channel providing thousands of new sessions each month. A major source of conversions, SEO also contributes to mindshare and branding goals nationally.
              Reef is an independent digital marketing agency specialising in Performance Media, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). There are 23 Reefers (and counting), which you’ll find working from beautiful North Sydney, Australia.
              We combine our slightly unhealthy passion for digital marketing with the cleverest marketing technology to help clients climb to the top of search results, run high performing digital ad campaigns and realise potential.
              Our job is to increase your online visibility and drive leads, sales and growth. Since 2011, we’ve built a team of skilled specialists, battle-tested processes and technology partnerships to do this. The outcome? Clear, measurable results.

              Digital Marketing Services

              • AdWords & Paid Media

                Drive sales, awareness and traffic with pay-per-click ads across search, display and social media platforms

                • AdWords & Paid Search
                • Display Advertising
                • Social Media Ads
                • Online Video Advertising
                • Programmatic Media
                • Analytics & Reporting
              • Search Engine Optimisation

                Build brand visibility across search and beyond with high-quality content, link building and technical SEO

                • Technical SEO
                • Creative Content
                • Link Building
                • Competitor Analysis
                • Digital PR
                • Analytics & Reporting
              • Conversion Rate Optimisation

                Boost the performance of your website with data-driven testing, optimisation and improvements

                • Opportunity Analysis
                • User Testing
                • Copywriting & Messaging
                • A/B Testing
                • Landing Pages & Creative
                • Analytics & Reporting


              Certified to provide the most up-to-date strategies, insights and activities.

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