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It might be time for aNew Approach

Do you have ambitious, important goals? Do you sense you could be getting a lot more from your budget? Are you sick of BAU? Do you feel like digital moves fast and that means new opportunities are always there for those who look, but you can’t possibly stay across everything by yourself because you’re already super busy? If so, we get it. You deserve an agency who delivers results and cares as much as you do.

You want toMake More Impact

The work you do matters. Your audience needs to know about you but too many don’t. They’re missing out – big time. You know that everyday, they’re logging onto their favourite digital platforms. They’re hunting for information, education and entertainment. They’re forming opinions, beliefs and making decisions. You want to be there as often as possible, at those moments of influence, for more impact. You sense there’s opportunity being left on the table by your current agency.

Together, let'sUncover More Growth

Paid, Owned, Earned & Grant. We’ll help you uncover more growth by capturing and creating demand other agencies miss. That means fewer lost opportunities and wasted potential. If you like working with senior personnel who obsess over performance, move fast and love what they do, then you will like us.

We'll move fast withStrategy and Implementation

We’re here to support you with every aspect of planning and running effective digital marketing campaigns. From thoughtfully answering questions like “what channels should we use, why and how?” and “how can we measure this to quantify impact and generate insights?” to “how fast can we get this in-market, driving results?” – we’re with you every step of the way.

So YouGet There Faster

Your goals = our KPIs. We understand the urgency of driving growth for your organisation. Together, we’ll move the needle on the metrics that actually matter to you – your ‘critical numbers’ – so you make more impact, faster.


Would you like to see how Reef can improve your digital marketing campaigns? We welcome the opportunity to share our best ideas with you.

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Digital Marketing Agency Specialisms

Your digital marketing environment is like an ecosystem, or a Reef. It’s a place where everything works best when it works together. As your agency, we’re here to help the parts of your ecosystem that we’re working on perform as best as they can be. Those parts are most often PPC (Paid Media) and SEO, both of which depend on the disciplines of copywriting, creative and strategic thinking.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy defines your approach to accomplishing your growth goals with online channels. It’s about understanding the critical factors in a situation and designing a way of focusing actions to deal with those factors.

The reality is that without a sound strategy, risk of failure is unacceptably high. As such, we view digital strategy as mission critical.

But what does that mean, practically speaking?

In the context of a normal client scenario, it means that before we jump into tactics, we have a bigger conversation.

A conversation about your goals, your metrics, your brand, your audiences, your channels, your measurements and your past learnings. This will be an enjoyable conversation. Maybe several. But expect to have some beliefs and opinions respectfully challenged, because that is our duty to you.

When we’ve been through that process, operating from this stronger understanding, we together can make a plan that you have true confidence in.

And that will drive better results for you, sooner.

Paid Media

A channel is a medium for distributing a message.

Paid Media is paying that channel to guarantee the distribution of your message.

Given that digital is precise, scalable and vastly more affordable than most alternatives, having guaranteed delivery of your message to your target audience is a powerful tool.

Especially if your message commands attention, packs an emotional and logical punch, and persuades the audience to take a next step they’re ready, willing and able to make.

It gets even better when you combine Paid Media with accurate measurement, so you can test and learn over and over again, sharpening your effectiveness while uplifting ROI.

That’s the situation we want to help you create.

Whether it’s Google Ads, Tik Tok, Meta (Facebook), Reddit, X (Twitter), Spotify… if your target audience is there, and they’re addressable, and you have a message they need to know about, then it’s our job to support you in getting that message to them in a way that matches your campaign goals.


SEO is uniquely valuable within your digital mix.

When it comes to driving growth, being found when your audience searches for problems, solutions, categories, questions, reviews and recommendations… 24/7… without an incremental cost per click… is a true competitive advantage. Hence why businesses with strong SEO attract high valuations: they can acquire customers for less.

At Reef, we’ve worked across SEO campaigns for over a decade (since 2011) and have seen it deliver for B2B, B2C, NFP and the NSW Government.

Granted… SEO alone is not a magic bullet. Doing no other marketing other than SEO is a terrible idea. But having solid SEO in place, supporting your other marketing, is a multiplier.

Brands grow when they’re top of mind and easy to find. SEO greatly helps with both.


Campaigns can have perfect audience targeting but fail if the copy doesn’t resonate.

Results hinge on copy.

Get it right and thrive. Get it wrong and risk struggling to survive.

As an agency that writes a lot of copy that needs to deliver for clients or we’re in trouble, our approach to copywriting has evolved and matured over the years.

Where we are now, with conviction, is firm believers in Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework. It’s levels above any other framework and orders of magnitude better than writing by intuition alone.

To summarise:

StoryBrand stops a major crime in copywriting.

That crime looks like this: ‘Our brand is so great. You should hire us to get results. Our approach is so good. We win all these awards. You need us.’

Ugh… gross right? Here’s why:

It positions the brand writing the copy as the ‘hero’. An arrogant, self-aggrandising hero in this case.

StoryBrand would say that the brand should NEVER be the hero. Ever.

The brand should be the guide.

The guide exists to help the real hero, the person who is grappling with a challenging problem, to solve that problem.

This is what you see in stories that are cultural phenomenons: Luke Skywalker (hero) and Yoda (guide), Frodo (hero) and Gandalf (guide), Harry Potter (hero) and Dumbledore (guide).

The StoryBrand framework builds on this premise to enable you to deliver persuasive arguments that inspire the hero to take action.

In 2021, we earned the StoryBrand Certified Guide certification to better serve our clients across their ads, landing pages, email sequences and everything in-between that copy touches.

When first using the new format, we knew StoryBrand was a winner when a very discerning client reflected on a landing page and said “I wouldn’t change anything about this”. That landing page is live to this day, StoryBrand copy unchanged in any way – and is the single most important conversion-focused page on that organisation’s website. Beyond that, we’ve tested StoryBrand multiple times across nonprofit, finance, fitness and software categories, all to similar response. It works.

Google Ad Grants

The Google Ad Grant gives eligible nonprofits up to $10k/m of spend to use on Google Search.

But, getting this spend away is not like spending in a normal ‘Paid’ account.

The Grant has program policy and compliance requirements. If those are misunderstood, it will spend a fraction of the total and the unused media will go to waste.

We think that’s a problem. The good news is that it’s fixable with the right strategy.

What is that right strategy? Here’s a 5 minute video explanation that boils down to keyword and conversion strategy.

If you have the Google Ad Grant and sense it’s not reaching its potential, please get in touch for a free audit. At Reef, we’ve had the pleasure of helping over 50 nonprofits better use their Google Ad Grant spend, and were the first agency in Australia to receive the Google Ad Grant Certified Professional designation by Google.

"Congratulations to the Reef Digital team for winning the APAC Rising Star Award at the 2019 Bing Regional Partner Awards. Reef Digital exemplify our strong partnership, based on a shared vision, providing transparency, collaboration and mutual understanding."
Gregory Ollivier APAC Corporate & Partner Director | Microsoft

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