Reef becomes the first AB Tasty Certified Partner in Australia

We began specialising in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in our very early days, running projects for our existing SEO/SEM client base. Whilst it was very experimental at the time, we quickly realised the positive implications CRO would have on our overall digital marketing efforts.

Throughout the years that followed, we have continued to run CRO projects on a regular basis, each time trying out new tools, refining our processes, improving our service offering. In this particular line of work, the suite of tools the team uses will have a great impact on the ability to run the right tests, at the right time, and to the right user. We’ve used many of them, some specialising in landing page optimisation, others in collecting live user feedback, and finally others allowing the setup, publishing and measuring of A/B tests. But we were yet to find one that provided the flexibility and ease-of-use that we needed.

AB Tasty Certified PartnerWe then heard about a solution called AB Tasty, which comes to us all the way from France (market leader there). With a team permanently based in Sydney, the initial and ongoing support received as an agency has been fantastic (and unprecedented). We’ve adopted the tool, trained our team and passed individual certifications which led to our agency receiving the very first AB Tasty Certified Partner badge in Australia.


What we love about this tool:

  • Extremely short learning curve – Learning how to use the WYSIWYG editor only takes a few minutes
  • Ease of implementation – As easy implementing a Google Analytics tag
  • No need for us to reach out to graphic designers and web developers, saving our team valuable time
  • Advanced targeting settings, allowing very precise page personalisation
  • Local support – No more website live chats or support hotlines only available between 11pm and 5am Sydney time!
  • Easy-to-read reporting allowing an in-depth analysis of each test variation’s performance
  • New features coming out regularly – We never run out of ideas for new tests

If you are interested in CRO or A/B testing for your website, please feel free to get in touch with us


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