Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?
Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Today I am going to give readers an overview of #BreakfastWithTwitter @TwitterAdsAu presentation where Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales (@emhuo), was the host. The Blog itself will include additional insights and findings on Twitter itself and advertising using Twitter. This will hopefully help you to understand Twitter better and be more confident when it comes to advertising using Twitter and optimising those all important campaigns.

Twitter In Australia

In a mobile driven world it isn’t astounding that 80% of Twitter users are mobile or that 90% of video views are mobile but what is surprising is the demographic reach that Twitter has. It isn’t just for the Millennials. It’s in fact used by all demographics and genders. 54% of which use Twitter daily, so it really is a digital marketer’s dream.

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Amazing, but why do people use Twitter?

  • 40% want to be informed on the product and the company
  • 39% expect to be entertained
  • 38 % expect brands to improve their knowledge

But it’s all about the here and now right? Twitter solved this with the implementation of Periscope and the live connection application. Pim Stuurman (@PimStuurman) delivers a great infographic on this which delivers an essential 7 step guide. Many companies have used live connection to increase, interaction, retweets, followers, traffic to the website and sales in real time. These are the reasons why;

  • Twitter users are 25% more likely to use social media to share opinions vs the average social media user.
  • Twitter has the highest % of users classified as influencers.
  • They buy 2x as many products and recommend brands more.

So it is safe to say that somewhere within the Twitter community there are people just waiting to buy and recommend your product. The question is how can we reach them?

Twitter Ads – 4 Steps To Success

1. Drive traffic to your website using Website Cards.

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A great case study using this method was by Fred Hollows (@FredHollows), founder of the Fred Hollows Foundation, who wanted to engage and mobilise supporters to ‘Get Out The Vote’, help spread the word and win the challenge. He achieved this by using great images to encourage voting and Brand ambassadors to increase reach. The results were amazing: 103% engagement target exceeded, 81% impression KPI exceeded and he won the $500k prize on Google’s people’s choice awards.

Ensure you take advantage of the Twitter audience platform, which is similar to Adroll and helps you to connect with the audience wherever they are. Additional benefits include;

  • Reach across multiple platforms.
  • Powerful targeting signals.
  • Robust measurement and attribution.

Using the above allows the platform to reach 800 M+ visitors on Twitter and on thousands of partner apps and sites such as Google, Aol, The Voice App and Word With App to name a few.

2. Build your Brand with Tweet Engagements

This is the most fluid Ad unit with a 3-4% engagement rate, express your creativity!

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Tweets with rich media need to be at the forefront of your mind when building creatives as they have 313% more engagement and 52% more retweets than those without rich media. If you’re creating or building your own creatives, check out Canva, it’s a great tool and is free to use.

Another great idea to use within an Ad are User Polls. These create a deeper engagement with the user as the polls ask for that all important opinion.

A great case study using this method was by (@SeekJobs) who wanted to reinforce their position in the employment marketplace. They achieved this by using a simple entry method, building loyalty with a prompt response and identifying their target market with user interests. The results were out of this world: 6.4m impressions, 12.6k engagements with a 4.4% engagement rate.

3. Start a Video campaign

Video is the new kid on the block when it comes to advertising and it is growing at a rapid rate, Amanda Walgrove (@amandawalgrove) explains this really well in her blog post ‘The Explosive Growth Of Online Video, In 5 Charts’. More stats from Twitter to back up her Blog:

  • 80% of Australian Twitter users watch Video.
  • Promoted Video viewers have a 3.4x higher recall rate and complete 17% more purchases vs non viewers.

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These are all great stats but what can Twitter actually provide for you the advertiser?

  • Increased reach.
  • Efficient CPVS (Cost Per View)
  • More sharing.
  • Exclusive targeting.
  • 100% viewable.
  • Robust video analytics.

And you really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create great videos either, here are a few platforms to help you along the way;

  • Fiverr
  • PowToon

Ideally videos of around 30sec to 1 minute should be used.

A good example of a company using this method is Pitchi (@Pitchi) who are a new start-up that wanted to raise awareness of its website in a cost effective way. They achieved this by using a strong content strategy to increase engagement, tailored targeting to reach the right audience, and by using engagement data to adjust the campaign in real time . The results were great: $0.63 per view, 5.2M impressions with a 5.92% engagement rate .

4. Generate mass awareness with Promoted Trends

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What are the benefits of Promoted Trends?

  • Increase discoverability and participation. Tell your brand story by using media within your Trend companion Tweet.
  • Greater visibility in search. Provide users an additional opportunity to view the conversations around your Trend.
  • Expand your reach to logged out users.

Promoted Trends are great but to make the most of them they need to be used in conjunction with Promoted Tweets. Use a teaser message 48hrs before and also continue the conversation after. It costs around $13,000 for 1 day in Australia so make sure you have a definite strategy before using as a wasted campaign can be costly.

Carrying it out right is definitely worth it as the case study by Digital Fashion Week Singapore (@DigitalFashWeek) clearly shows. They are Singapore’s biggest style show and wanted to target new audiences and raise awareness. They achieved this by building followers and interest in advance of the event, used a target receptive audience and extended live events on Twitter. The results show it was worth it, with them gaining a 10% peak engagement rate, a 1200% increase in followers and a 200% growth in sales.

Hopefully you now are more aware of just how powerful Twitter is and also the outstanding results it can generate. These results though are achieved through the optimisation of campaigns. Here are 4 of the best action steps to help you achieve the desired results.

Campaign Optimisation

1. Connect in the now, target with Twitter’s unique live signals.

  • @usernametargeting – who they follow.
  • Keyword targeting – keywords in their recent Tweets and search.
  • Interest targeting – interests based on their behaviour on Twitter.

An example of this would be targeting for holiday website.

  • @username: @virginholidays, @thomsonholidays, @holidayideas
  • Keywords: best holiday, best place to visit, beach holiday
  • Interest: Travel

2. Accelerate your path to success. Maximize scale and performance by choosing the targeting options along the funnel.

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3. Recommendations for success with Twitter’s targeting tools:

  • Use only 1 targeting type per campaign.
  • Use min of 20 keywords, handles or interests.
  • Check analytics to optimise your targeting.
  • Use automatic bid to start if you don’t know the cost.
  • Use the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) to scale your reach.

4. Recommendations for success with Twitter’s creative canvas:

  • Avoid using hashtags and @mentions – Tweets with hashtags have a 24% higher CPA, and Tweets with @mentions have a 6% lower link click rate.
  • Use urgency words such as “limited time” – Tweets with urgency words have a 10% higher link click rate and a 10% lower CPA.
  • Ask a question – Tweets with questions have a 9% lower cost per link click.
  • Use 3-5 creatives that are updated regularly.

Twitter is your live connection to billions of signals of interest and intent. Make the most of it for you and your clients and get in touch with me and the Reef team to tap into the Eighth Wonder of the world.

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