Meet our new SEO Manager: Michelle Cobb

Michelle CobbHi I’m Michelle and I’m the new Senior SEO specialist at Reef.

Originally from the UK, I have over 6 ½ years experience within Digital Marketing – helping clients both large and small to grow their online presence in this fast paced, ever changing digital landscape.

Australia and the chance to live here has always been a dream of mine. Who wouldn’t want to swap cold dreary England for (what Home & Away assured me to be) countless days of sun, sea, sand and surfing.

My university background actually falls within the Computer Science arena – where I geeked it out for 4 years learning all about the Internet and seemingly endless different coding & programming languages. My first job fresh out of uni was a coding job, but when I needed to make the move from the North of England to the South, I literally ‘fell’ into SEM & SEO and have never looked back.

Most recently, I’ve spent the past 5 years in a top Digital Marketing & Media agency in the heart of London honing my skills across a wide range of well known clients in the automotive, retail, finance & travel industry. Mid 2014 however, I decided I wanted to take a break to ‘see the world’ and although I was prepared to give up my job to chase my dream, I was lucky enough to be granted a 6-month sabbatical.

2015 has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences, exotic locations and unforgettable memories as I solo travelled across S.E. Asia. A notorious creature of the warmth – Asia was a haven for me with it’s inescapable heat, picture postcard beaches, amazing culture, wildlife and tonnes of fabulous people to meet & explore with. I soon realised that 6 months would not be enough – especially with Australia on the doorstep and so I took the plunge and resigned from my job in London. A few months later I arrived in Australia and now I am excited to call Sydney my home.

The opportunity to work in this beautiful city and at Reef was one which I could not pass up. I’m eager to bring all of the skills, knowledge and insights that I’ve been built up over the past few years, as well as a fresh perspective to the lovely team and clients here at Reef.

Outside of work, I’m enthusiastic to explore all that Australia has to offer and I’m already planning on making the most of it with a few trips. I’m always on the lookout for fun, social, outdoorsy type things to do with friends – especially in the summer. Fitness is also important to me and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with Boxing which I used to do in my spare time in London – Muhammad Ali, move over :p

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