Welcome message from Robert, our new Senior Search Manager

Robert FergusonHi!

My name is Robert Ferguson, and I am the new Senior Search Manager for Reef.

I have worked in a variety of digital marketing roles over the past five years, starting in content writing/SEO positions and gradually moving my focus towards the SEM channel, with the last two years being primarily responsible for in-house SEM at a couple of different travel companies in London.

I arrived in Sydney six months ago, and after working on a temp basis while settling into the city and deciding if I wanted to stay long term, I made the excellent decision to join Reef and I have not looked back since!

What attracts me to SEM above all of the other digital channels is the immediate results visible from campaigns, as well as the constantly evolving technology and solutions that are available to advertisers to achieve any marketing goal.

I have been at Reef for two months now and I am looking forward to using the wide mix of technology and platforms available to deliver the best possible service for all of our clients.

Outside of work, I am a bit of a nerd. I’m currently eagerly anticipating April for the arrival of the new Avengers movie and Game of Thrones season five!

If you have any SEM questions or would like to chat about what Reef Digital can offer your business (or you find yourself in the mood for a fanboy argument about Marvel vs DC comics!), please call me on 0432 914 716.


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