Rapid Immersion: Make your website mobile-friendly, NOW!
Rapid Immersion: Make your website mobile-friendly, NOW!

Rapid Immersion: Make your website mobile-friendly, NOW!

Hello and thank you for watching Rapid Immersion, where we discuss a wide variety of topics within the digital marketing ecosystem.

In today’s episode, I will give you a few up-to-date insights about the mobile landscape.
I hope that by the end of this video, you will understand how critical it is for any business, whether small or large, to have a mobile website.



Australia may have been lagging behind other developed countries when it comes to everything digital.

For example, half the top Australian companies still don’t have a mobile website. Wow!

But rest assured, we have seen this gap decrease significantly over the past few years. We can now safely say that we have finally embraced digital technologies and presently live in a relatively well-connected society.

  • Did you know that over 90% of Australians are smartphone users, up from less than 50% just 4 years ago?
    This makes Down Under one of the countries with the highest smartphone penetration in the world.
  • Now here’s another interesting fact: 45% of the population uses a smartphone as often, or MORE often than a computer!
  • In fact, as of today (mid-2015), there is an average of 3.1 devices connected to the internet… per person!

So! What do people really do when on their smartphones?

Well, the number one activity people do at least once a week is use search engines (57%), followed by checking emails (53%) and social network activity (51%).
It is also worth noting that 28% of smartphone users look for product information on their phone, and 8% purchase a product or service. Remember, that’s at least once a week!

Now, there are two types of shoppers:

  1. Online shoppers
  2. Local shoppers

First, let’s talk about online shoppers

You see, I work in digital marketing, and my role, amongst other tasks, is to drive targeted visitors to my clients’ websites in order to generate online sales.
Therefore cost-efficiency and return-on-investment are key success metrics in my line of work. But what is the point of going through all that effort and spending sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per month in advertising when the website is unlikely to deliver the results the client is expecting?

I am too often confronted with a challenge: My client’s website is simply NOT mobile-friendly, or doesn’t have the full mobile e-commerce features you would expect in 2015.

Please please please ensure you optimise your mobile visitors’ experience before investing precious advertising dollars into traffic acquisition!

Let’s now talk about local shoppers

Just in case you had not guessed it, local shoppers are simply people doing their shopping in real “brick and mortar” stores.

  • Again, let’s start with a few interesting stats:
    68% of local shoppers have researched online, a-day-or-less before visiting the store.
  • Of those, at least 30% have used a smartphone to do so.

Most search for:

  1. Prices,
  2. Product availability,
  3. Store location (or locations)
  4. And trading or business hours.
  • Although 31% of the consumers shop online, many people also use the internet when buying in-store items.

So for those of you managing websites that do not have e-commerce or mobile commerce capabilities, do remember that many of your online visitors may still become offline visitors.

There is a strong relationship between online and offline.
Increasing your in-store foot traffic therefore becomes a digital marketing goal, and this should be taken into account when defining your online marketing strategy, as well as reviewing online performance.

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Have a nice day!



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