Meet our new Content & Social Manager: Lewis Browning

Hi there!

Lewis Browning

My name’s Lewis, but you can call me Lu, and I’m the Content & Social Manager here at Reef. (I’m the one with the headphones on, headbanging and air drumming away like nobody’s watching!)

Professionally, I come from a sales background, primarily in retail and wholesale inside the musical instrument and hifi industries. Through my 10 yrs+ sales career, I cultivated my passion for engaging with customers/clients, always willing to learn about them and their business, while putting myself in their shoes to deliver the perfect solutions and creating lasting relationships.

More recently, I was fortunate enough to get out of the showrooms and on to the road, travelling all around Australia and New Zealand, which provided such a valuable experience and adventure. Through these travels I had the opportunity to interact with and learn from an incredibly diverse range of people from all walks of life. Shortly after, I took my sales ethos and experience into a training capacity where I created and executed a training guide for a national retail chain. This was a challenging but ultimately rewarding endeavour that saw me sharing my passion for music, customer service and conversations in a truly engaging and mutually beneficial setting.

For me, sales is just an excuse to start a conversation, whether that’s about a shared interest or something you never thought you’d learn about, it’s a chance to expand your knowledge and delve into someone else’s world. I feel that writing engaging content is much the same, and that’s how I found my new home here at Reef. I’m also excited to keep expanding my knowledge about Google and Search Marketing, so what better place than a leading SEO agency.

My mission within the Reef team is to offer our client’s audiences optimised content that educates, inspires, provokes conversation, and drives traffic to your online channels, to better connect your brand with your target market. Having been the consumer, the salesperson, sales manager, and a sales trainer, I understand the power of storytelling, relationship building, and the difference between making a sale and making a customer. I’ll take the time to learn about your business, making your passions my own, so I can craft content that adds value to your brand’s online presence. In short, the stellar team here at Reef get people to your website and social channels, I aim to keep them coming back!

Personally, I breathe music, particularly the heavier side ( \m/ (‘. ‘) \m/). As a musician, composer, songwriter, audio engineer and avid lover of musical instruments (particularly guitars!) I love being able to display my creativity and allow music to transcend to places words cannot. In my spare time, I help run the Mayones Australia Facebook page that offers the consultation and sale of bespoke guitars and basses, manufactured in Gdansk, Poland.

Aside from music, you can find me in the kitchen working on my cooking skills and exploring my interest and fascination with Asian cuisine. If you love food pics, then feel free to check out my Instagram (lubrowning) to see what I’ve been plating up lately! I also really enjoy video games, Batman graphic novels (or anything associated with Batman for that matter), heading to the gym, going for adventure walks around Sydney, travelling, planning more travelling, and of course slowly vegetating on the couch courtesy of Netflix.

Now that you’ve met me, I can’t wait to meet you! If you want to see how your website, blog or social media channels can get to the next level, get in touch with us and let’s start the conversation.

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