Google launches Howtogomo to help websites go mobile

Mobile is without a doubt becoming increasingly important. The mobile usage is growing exponentially and mobile searches are expected to overtake desktop searches by next year (2012) in Australia. But many websites are still not optimised to welcome mobile traffic as they should: Slow loading times, bad navigation, small font and small buttons make it difficult for anyone to fully enjoy their visit. Especially when 50% of Australians are already using smartphones, hence more likely to spend time online.

Google has been a great supporter of a faster and more accessible web, always. It is for these reasons that they have launched GoMo ( This is not a guide on how to grow a perfect moustache in them midst of Movember, but a guide that assists webmasters and companies alike in analysing the mobile-friendliness of their website. Going mobile is not difficult, providing you understand the main characteristics of a mobile friendly site. Google assists your transition and walks you through the best practices.


GoMo provides you with an agency guide (see PDF below) and checklist of what to look out for or think about when building a mobile friendly site. This Google initiative also serves as a directory for companies specialised in mobile site development based on your budget and timeframe.


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