FIX – Can’t See Files With Changed Ownership in New Google Drive

The new Google Drive interface has some frustrating bugs. One of them is that if a file or folder is transferred into your ownership, it won’t show up in your Google Drive online interface.

I recently transferred ownership to a new Google Drive account and couldn’t find the file folder anywhere! This is a scary scenario if you use Google Drive for work purposes, which we do.

The good news is that there’s a workaround. Two actually.

Option 1: Change back to the old Google Drive interface

  • Revert to the ‘Classic’ Google Drive, and select ‘More’ then ‘All Items’ in the left hand side menu.
    1. A problem with this is that sometimes the new Google Drive interface simply reloads, which is frustrating.

Option 2: Send a sharable link, then select the ‘Add to Drive’ button

  • Navigate to the file or folder you would like to make visible
  • Right click > Share > Get shareable link. Send this link to the person or account you’d like to make the file or folder viewable for.
  • When the link is opened, a button ‘Add to Drive’ should appear in the top right hand corner. Click it.

The Drive file and folder should now be visible.

Hope this helps!

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