Facebook Live & What It Means For Marketers
Facebook Live & What It Means For Marketers

Facebook Live & What It Means For Marketers

With the launch of Facebook Live, the most used social network in the world is up against apps like Meerkat and especially Periscope, the latter acquired by Twitter in March 2015, in the field of live- streaming. While it’s a great new feature to share moments with your friends, how can you leverage this tool for your marketing strategy?

What is “Facebook Live”?

The application “Live” allows you to broadcast live videos on Facebook using a smartphone or a connected camera . The user interaction, in the form of comments, likes and reactions, are also in real time allowing a truly connected experience, particularly with Q&A sessions as the viewers are able to have a conversation with the person being recorded

If your followers miss your streaming, they can still watch it later as the videos are saved to the news feed. After launching the tool to celebrities only, Facebook Live gradually expanded its circle of users to everyone due to its overwhelming popularity. The best part is that it’s so easy, all you need is a camera and a Facebook page for your business and you too can share live events to your subscribers.

Live-streaming: an expanding format

With over a billion users, Facebook is an integral component in a solid digital marketing strategy.. Even B2B companies are developing a strategy to boost their visibility, control their online reputation and manage their brand.

With over 110 years of video (yep, 110 YEARS!) published daily on Periscope from over 10 million users it’s clear that a) people love this format, and b) if your customers are using it, you need to be using it too. Furthermore, studies show that users spend three times as much time watching live videos than non-live ones, making it the most appealing video medium available.

Businesses should use this medium to create a more relatable and intimate relationship with their social followers as people connect so much more with another person than they do through the individual anonymity of a company’s Facebook status updates for example. The fascination comes from the user’s curiosity and intrigue about what’s going to happen next. (A fascinating contrast to the age of instant gratification and Netflix no?). Followers will also receive a push notification when the feed is about to start which is an excellent feature for your social reach and another sign that Facebook really wants you to make the most of this format.


Using Facebook Live for your business

There’s so many possibilities available. Consider this; does your company regularly release products to the market? Why not have a live product launch and demo where your followers can ask you questions directly in the comments as you’re streaming? Or if your company has created an app, you can have the people that made it show your followers how to use it!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New-York recently took advantage of Facebook live by conducting an interview with one of the curators of the exhibition on display.

Remember that it’s not just a one off either. If you’re a technical business, like a software provider for example, why not conduct regular training sessions based on your most frequently asked questions? You can also use it to broadcast events live to your followers like Chevrolet did at CES 2016;

Go live!

Facebook Live is undoubtedly a powerful communication tool for your digital marketing strategy. Using this format, you can humanise your company and truly engage with the people interested in your brand. What are your thoughts on Facebook Live? Have you started using it yet? Let me know in the comments!

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