Welcome message from Elodie, our new Search Specialist

Elodie BonnamyHello everyone,

My name is Elodie Bonnamy, I am a Search Specialist at Reef.

I came to Australia from France in February 2013. I was supposed to stay only a few months, but what can I say? I fell in love with this country so I decided to stay!

I have a background working in off-line public relations and marketing for both big companies and small agencies. I have no preference in whether working within a smaller or bigger team, as long as the work I have to accomplish is challenging.

This need of a new challenge made me send an application for an internship at Reef, and this lead to a new career opportunity in the digital world – which I have been eager to learn about for a long time!

I joined the agency in August 2014 and I am thrilled. Why? Even the busiest day at Reef is enjoyable, thanks to the fabulous colleagues and bosses I was given the chance to work with. The digital marketing world was still obscured to me half a year ago, but I have managed to come across all the opportunities that SEM can offer to our clients.

I am delighted to have learned that much and I look forward to helping businesses increasing their digital presence.

Outside of work, I like to explore what Sydney has to offer, from the underground unknown bar to the Bridge Climb. I am so very happy and feel truly blessed to live in this city. I spend a fair amount of time with my friends organising our future trips (which most of the time never happen!), or being on a quest to find the next best spot to hang around at!

If you have any questions about my role within Reef, my favourite restaurant in Sydney, or life in general, please get in touch!


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