Are You Ready for the Holiday Season? Google Looks at Changes in Shopping Behaviour

It’s mid-October. Do we really need to start thinking about the holiday season? Well from a digital marketing perspective the answer is most definitely yes. Is your website ready? Have you designed Christmas themed landing pages for your e-commerce site? Have your ads been designed, your ad copy been written? Have you sat down with your account manager to plan out your holiday strategy? Well, if you haven’t done so already, now is better than never, be ready to go live by latest mid-November.

This season, long term planning will be more important than ever as our shopping habits are changing. Google has suggested that big shopping days or “shopping marathons” are trending towards being a thing of the past; instead, what really matters are moments and being ready to capture these moments.

Google’s micro-moments study indicates that the moments that really matter are those moments when people decide to tune into a message – the moment they engage, when we have captured their attention. These moments, as I have emphasized elsewhere, are about making more informed decisions faster than ever, it could be over a cup of coffee, waiting in line, on the train, and mobile as a device is absolutely essential in capturing these moments. As is highlighted by Matt Lawson, Google’s Director of Performance Ads Marketing:

“As shopping decisions are being made quicker and consumers’ expectations are higher, marketers today need to think carefully about where customers are discovering, researching and ultimately purchasing their products. By understanding these patterns and by focusing on moments of intent – on both mobile and video – marketers will win customers this holiday season”.

Here, “big shopping days are becoming smaller”, with days like Black Friday becoming less important as we try and fit in our shopping between everything else we have going on in our lives, simply through the convenience of mobile phones. It saves us time, we are more efficient, and we don’t have to battle the crowds.

To top this off, Google data indicates that shopping related searches – coinciding with the important rise of Google Shopping – have grown by more than 120% year on year.

“Consumers are using their smartphones in all parts of the shopping process – from inspiration to research to purchasing”.

So this holiday season, especially if you have an eCommerce business, take advantage of how mobile and digital is changing the way we shop. If you haven’t already, get your business ready for the holiday season, speak to a specialist and put your digital marketing strategy into action.

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