Agency Open Haus Hello from Reef Digital Agency

Hi there! We’re Reef Digital Agency – a digital marketing agency based in beautiful Sydney, ‘Straya. We’re rather stoked to be joining Agency Open Haus for the exciting series of new events around Sydney this year!

Here at Reef, we love all things digital, and we believe that the online space is like one big living, breathing ecosystem, in which one part relies on the others symbiotically in order for the whole environment to flourish.

You are welcome to talk to us about anything from creative content and copywriting, PPC advertising and SEO, to social media, conversion rate optimisation, digital PR, analytics and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Our team is comprised of 8 talented people, all with diverse backgrounds in terms what we do and where we’re from. We hail from such far-flung corners of the earth as England, Germany, France, Scotland and the U.S of A, and among us you’ll find journalists, geopolitics tutors, music writers, snowboarders, ballerinas, vegetarians, jiu jitsu rollers, rap music experts, ice hockey champions, crossfitters, and camogie players.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some awesome brands both big and small, nationally and internationally. Some of the names who’ve graced the Reef ecosystem include Opera Australia, ECCO, Roses Only, Fitness First, and Asics, to name a few.

We believe in taking a human approach to our digital marketing practices, always thinking about how a client’s potential audience and customers are going to react and respond to any piece of marketing put out into the world – whether it’s a display ad, blog post, tweet, or whole new website.

So, come on in and visit us during Agency Open Haus to pick our brains on anything and everything, and enjoy some food, wine and ping pong.

Hope to see you there Thursday May 7 from 12pm. Address is 65 Walker Street, North Sydney.


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