How €1.5bn payment provider Bambora boosted blog readership by 200% and grew top ten organic keyword rankings by 85%
How €1.5bn payment provider Bambora boosted blog readership by 200% and grew top ten organic keyword rankings by 85%

How €1.5bn payment provider Bambora boosted blog readership by 200% and grew top ten organic keyword rankings by 85%

About Bambora


With the ability to manage payments in 170 countries, and in over 150 currencies, Bambora are a truly global business with a local footprint. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, Bambora offers payments solutions to a wide range of local businesses across multiple industries and sectors in the APAC region. Bambora is headquartered in Sweden.

The challenge:

Establish a B2B content portal to establish thought leadership in payments to assist with brand positioning in the Australian market

As a relatively new entrant to the Australian market, Bambora compete with established payment solutions providers such as Stripe, eWay and SecurePay. A robust solution to win competitive organic traffic was required to support acquisition objectives and establish local presence.

Reef were briefed to create genuinely useful, highly-focused content around specific payment industry and eCommerce themes, trends and statistics.

The solution:

Connect with the audience through highly-relevant and unique content

Reef tackled the brief by developing a solid content strategy designed with one objective in mind: grow readership with target prospects.

The approach was to create a blog and resource centre on the main brand website to establish the brand as industry thought leaders with B2B prospects.

Authenticity was key to building trust with audiences and authority with search engines, so a collaborative approach between Reef and Bambora was leveraged to properly understand what mattered most to audiences. Research into trending topics helped identify priority themes resulting in examples like this blog post focusing exclusively on an analysis of the Payments Landscape in Australia and an in-depth analysis of whether Australia is ready to go cashless by 2022.

The core strategy was to create consistent cornerstone content targeting long tail searches and featured snippet wins. This resulted in:

  • Bambora occupying the featured snippet for “merchant account payment gateway” and “omnichannel payments”
  • Creating and sharing these blog posts has:
    • Positioned Bambora as an expert in the Australian payments landscape
    • Pushed Bambora web pages up in SERPs, ranking higher
    • Increased traffic to the website

The outcome:

Traffic up by 26%, top ten keywords up by 85% and blog readership up by 200%

Over a six month period Bambora’s organic search presence was significantly increased in search results for terms across the site, while blog readership was built steadily over the first two quarters of the year.

  • Featured Snippet in Google SERPs for:
    • Merchant account payment gateway
    • Omnichannel payments
  • In Q218, a 26% increase in total organic sessions.
  • A 37% increase in new visitors from organic search
  • An increase of 85% in keywords in positions 1 to 10
  • 200% increase in blog traffic over six months

What the client thought

Reef has worked tirelessly to help improve our organic presence and has been an essential part of making our marketing work in APAC. We look forward to continuing our success and highly recommend the agency

— Bambora

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