How CareCareers achieved a 300% increase in website conversions in 6 months

About CareCareers


Care Careers is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to attract talented people from all backgrounds to work in the disability, community and aged care sector in Australia.

The challenge:

Use PPC to help position CareCareers as a leading platform for the Australian care sector

The challenge was to use Performance Media to increase brand awareness as well as increase website engagement, and promote Care Careers as a key platform for jobs and training in the Australian care sector.

The goal was to boost the number of job seekers in the care sector finding a perfect role, and increase overall job subscriptions and applications on the Care Careers website.

As a Not-For-Profit entity, budget limitations would ultimately direct our strategies and also provide further opportunities to achieve our goals.

Strategy & Solution:

Obtain the Google Ad Grants program and support awareness efforts with Display, Video and Social ads

  • Apply for Google Grants; a $10,000/month search advertising grant offered by Google to eligible non-profit applicants
  • Create brand awareness of Care Careers using Display, Youtube and Social advertising
  • Implement ads on both Google and Bing to attract different demographics of audiences
  • Target high traffic areas such as Metropolitan, and National Disability Insurance Scheme areas who could benefit from Care Careers’ services
  • Identify relevant Conversion Touch points and implement Goal & Conversion tracking to monitor correct data and increase performance
  • Use Reef best practices to maximise visibility of ads to our targeted audiences

The Results:

A robust presence across search, display and video channels delivering a 300% boost in conversions over six months

Google Search

This network was utilized to capture relevant audiences typing in Care job related search queries within Search Engines.

Adwords Search over a 6 month period – May compared to October:

  • Application and approval for Google Ad Grants
  • New Conversion Tracking added throughout the website
  • Click Through Rates increased 20%
  • Search Impression Share increased 25%
  • Impressions increased 23%
  • Clicks to the site increased 38%
  • Application and approval for Google Grants Pro; a $40,000/month Search advertising grant offered by Google to eligible non-profit applicants
  • Conversions increased 300%

Bing Search

With increasing competition, rising Bing CPC’s limited opportunities, and maintaining Performance was key for visibility in Search.

Bing Search over a 6 month period – May compared to October:

  • Implemented Bing campaigns
  • New Bing Conversion tracking added
  • Conversion Rate peaked at 35%
  • CTR increased from 5.95% to 8.38%
  • Average Position increased to 1.6

Google Display

Google Display would ultimately be used to utilise Google Display and Remarketing audiences drive awareness to the most relevant audiences in Search
Display over a 6 month period – May compared to October:

  • Conversion Tracking evaluated & optimised for greater data tracking
  • Click Through Rate increased 800%
  • Average CPC decreased 92%
  • Impressions peaked at 991, 723 in 1 week


Youtube would compliment Google Display efforts for brand messaging through video format, and would allow for further audiences to understand the core offering.

Youtube since setup in May to October:

  • 822, 699 Viewable Impressions
  • 10% of people viewed 100% of the video

Conversion Tracking

Ensuring the right data is being tracked on the website would allow Reef to better benchmark and target new goals and aim for continual improvements

  • Test current conversions and tracking within Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Research conversion touch points within the site i.e Contact Us, Downloads, Signups, Calls etc
  • Implement new touch points in line with client objectives
  • Manually insert code using Google Tag Manager for Bing & test
  • Consolidate all required goals into Adwords


  • Duplicate goals removed
  • New goals; 3 new conversion touchpoints implemented
  • New conversions tested and quality checked
  • View Through Conversions added
  • New data for Conversion Analysis

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