4 Free (& 1 Paid) Google SEO Resources for Standing-Out in Search
4 Free (& 1 Paid) Google SEO Resources for Standing-Out in Search

4 Free (& 1 Paid) Google SEO Resources for Standing-Out in Search

Chances are that if you run a business, Google plays an important role in connecting your target audience with your website. The purpose of this post is to connect you with resources provided by Google that are particularly beneficial, four of which are free, so that you can use this to your advantage and stand-out in search results.

Let’s get started.

#1: Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide


What it is: 32 page guide containing best practices and advice for optimising your site for search engines.

Price: Free!

You can find it: Download full PDF here.

What it provides you with: Concise overview of the principles and fundamentals of SEO. This document focuses on changes you can make to your website to help search engines discover, navigate and categorise your content accurately. Overall, an excellent introduction (but please note: there’s a lot more to the topic, especially with regard to the importance of links).

#2: Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines


What it is: Google employs people to review and rate search results. This document outlines what these people look for.

You can find it: Download full PDF here.

What it provides you with: At the top level, a better understanding of the complexity of sorting web pages and the challenge search engines face. At the tactical level, the specific criteria search quality raters use to evaluate and judge search results, which doubles as practical advice for how to improve your website.

#3: Google PageSpeed Tools


What it is: Benchmark the speed of your site and see optimisation improvements.

Price: Free!

You can find it: Google PageSpeed Tool.

What it provides you with: If you suspect your website is slow, the PageSpeed Tool will confirm/deny vs. other sites and provide you with a prioritised list of page speed optimisations to give to your web developer. When your web developer has implemented these items, you can then run the test again to see your improvement.

#4: Google Street View Indoor Virtual Tour

Hire a Trusted Pro to Boost Your Visibility – Google Street View-min

What it is: Feature for Google MyBusiness allowing people to virtually explore your office or store.

Price: Paid.

You can find it: Google Street View Virtual Tour.

What it provides you with: Are you proud of your physical location? Show it off with a virtual walk through that appears in search results when your map listing triggers. This also benefits your local SEO.

#5: Google Mobile Playbook


What it is: Executive’s guide to winning with mobile.

Price: Free!

You can find it: Google Mobile Playbook.

What it provides you with: Primer on the importance of mobile now and in the future. Discusses the needs of the mobile user and how they differ, provides tips for making a business case and driving organisational change, then follows-up with mobile measurement methods and multi-screen campaign examples.

Favourite stats:

“57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.”

“3 in 10 mobile searches result in valuable business outcomes… such as a consumer visiting a store, purchasing an item from a mobile website or calling a business.”

90% of consumers move between devices to complete a task.

Hope you find these Google SEO resources helpful. If you would like to suggest any of your own, feel to to share in the comments.

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