Targeted Video Promotion Campaigns

When your video is ready for promotion online, we can help you accomplish your communication objectives by creating and managing video campaigns that deliver views from the audiences you’d most like to reach, driving engagement and growing your brand.

Connect with your audience

Major video sharing websites are among the most popular destinations on the internet. YouTube, for example, is so pervasive that even outside of desktop computers, it’s a bundled part of Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices and a mandatory inclusion in the latest breed of Smart TV technologies.

  1. Chances are YouTube’s available in your pocket, in your living room and at your work desk.

With all these visitors arriving into sites like YouTube, sophisticated advertising solutions were required to balance advertiser needs with user experience. The ideal answer came via the realisation that if users perceived an ad to be useful and interesting, user experience would be preserved and advertisers would be happy too. Targeting options became key to everyone’s benefit.

Fast-forward to today and online video advertiser’s now have options at their fingertips that traditional media outlets long for.

How precise can audience targeting be online?
Audience targeting is now to the point that if you want reach women in Sydney who are interested in politics, between the ages of 45 to 54, and surfing YouTube on an iPad after 6pm on Thursday, you can.

Robust tracking and reporting

Online video advertising benefits from the level of tracking and transparency you’d expect from a digital marketing channel. This means it’s easy to see performance information like:

  • Views: How many people matching your targeting settings watched your video?
  • Impressions: How many people saw an ad for your video?
  • Website clicks: How many people decided to click through to your website?
  • Much more…

    So if you’re interested in finding out how the team at Reef can help with the promotion of your video online, we invite you to get in touch for a chat.