Be seen where your customers are looking

Social Media has changed the way we interact with the world, with 75% of our online time now spent across a number of social networks and platforms. It’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure they’re taking part in the everyday conversations that are happening around them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or a brand new platform that’s yet to be discovered, Reef can help you develop a Social Media Marketing strategy that will engage your customer base, enhance your business reputation and attract new leads.

It’s all about social engagement

Make your business memorable by providing valuable content and a point of service on Social Media. Reef can help you with:

  • Social Media listening and monitoring – good Social Media Marketing starts here. Learn about the conversations that are already happening around your brand and where they are taking place.
  • Social Media audit and strategy – we’ll develop an effective and holistic Social Media Marketing strategy to help your business traverse the complex landscape. We tailor our approach to each business and industry to ensure you’re speaking to the right audience.
  • Community and channel management – we will establish, build and maintain an ongoing and engaged community across a number of networks and channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  • Social Media content creation – create content that users will engage with. Our content creators develop high quality, sharable content that is tailored to your community and platform.
  • Social Media seeding – make sure your content is seen with Social Media distribution and seeding.
  • Crisis management, escalation and planning – a crisis management plan of action ensures your business is able to respond to and effectively manage online conversations in real time.
  • Social Media guidelines and training – let us help get the rest of your organisation up to speed on your Social Media initiatives. We can provide training to your in-house Social Media team or help establish the ground rules in a company-wide Social Media policy.
  • Online reputation management – make sure your business is being presented in the best possible light.

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