Link Removal to Recover from SEO Penalties

Toxic links hamstring SEO performance by reducing the effectiveness of all other on-site and off-site SEO activity. Like a sprinter forced to carry a refrigerator during a 400m race, problematic links eliminate your website’s ability to contend in competitive search results.

Recovery from a link penalty is possible, and quicker than many would think, when steps are taken to both disavow and remove harmful links. In the case of a manual penalty, documenting link removal efforts in detail is as important as link removal itself.

Premium Link Removal Services

If your website has been put through a link service in the past and since dropped out of natural search results, it’s likely that algorithm changes – namely the Penguin update – are the cause. Many dated approaches to search engine optimisation and link building have caused websites to be heavily penalised, often to the complete surprise of the website owner or management team, leading to a damaged brand and scarred experience with SEO. If this sounds like a familiar situation, you’re not alone. The good news is: there’s a better way, and it starts with fixing the problem in full.

Advanced Link Removal to Get Your Website Ranking Again

When it comes to removing unwanted links that have been built up over the course of months or even years, it can be difficult to know where to even start.

As a specialist search-engine marketing agency, we have the tools and experience, so we know how to check links, find almost every link to your site, identify them as bad or good, and work to get these negative links removed.

Link Intelligence

To correctly identify, review, classify and target problematic links, several data sources are used. These often include:

Cognitive SEO
Bing Webmaster Tools
Link Detox Risk
Link Risk
Majestic SEO
Google Webmaster Tools


End to End Link Removal Campaign Services

Whether your website has 1,000 or 1 million links – and whether you’ve never worked with an agency before or have had efforts take place already – our team are ready to help. Link removal campaign items we offer include:

  • Link Identification to identify any websites and webpages that are linking to your website.
  • Link Categorisation to check website links and identify them as either negative, potentially suspicious, or good.
  • Risk Analysis to determine the risk of any negative links penalising your search ranking, and to ascertain the priority list of links to be removed.
  • Link Removals to ensure that the owners and webmasters of the sites containing links remove any unwanted links to your site.
  • Disavow Links Tool use to ask Google to ignore any low-quality links which are unable to be removed manually.
  • Reconsideration Request Production to notify search engines like Google that low-quality links back to your site have effectively been removed, and what we are doing moving forward, so that your site can be allowed to rank again.
  • Communication with Google Search Quality Team Members to field any questions they may have and provide supporting documentation where requested.
  • Ongoing SEO to further lift organic search visibility.

More About Reef’s Link Removal Services

So, if you’re looking for an agency that will work fast to get any penalties on your site removed, then get in touch with Reef today to receive a consultation from a member of our friendly Sydney-based team.