Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a gateway to the purchase process. A closely managed and optimised PPC advertising campaign can profitably generate qualified traffic from prospects who use your chosen keywords leading to higher sales and conversion actions once users arrive on-site.

The AdWords management and PPC services we provide are designed to maximise your returns from advertising spend by cost-effectively reaching your prospects as they move through the online buying process.

High-performing Google AdWords accounts are rewarded with lower costs per click. It’s common for cost per click to decrease by over 50% for competitive commercial keywords with strategic optimisation.

What’s included with professional AdWords and Pay Per Click management?

Our approach is to immediately focus on the most beneficial actions for your account which often include:

Keyword Research

Mobile & Tablet Campaign

Organisation & Structure Optimisation

Display Network Optimisation

Analytics & Behavioural Analysis

Seasonal & Time of
Day Scheduling (Day Parting)

Match Type Strategy

Campaign Experiments & Testing

Ad Copy Creation & Testing

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting

Market intelligence

Professional AdWords and Pay Per Click management can provide you with market intelligence that answers some of your most important business questions, such as:

  • How large is the search demand for the keywords I want to target?
  • What are my best performing keywords for consistently driving new business?
  • Which ad messaging achieves the highest response?
  • What websites are most visited by the audience(s) I want to reach?

Why you should work with Reef:

  • Certified by Google as an AdWords agency partner
  • Qualified consultants who have individual certifications from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, AB Tasty and the Microsoft Advertising Professionals program
  • Deep understanding of search engine marketing tools, technologies and optimisation strategies
  • Extensive experience in competitive markets like finance, insurance, law, and with eCommerce websites

Some of the reasons our clients enjoy working with us include:

  • Savings on costs per click (CPCs) for priority keywords
  • Increased click through rates (CTRs) for ads that bring conversions
  • Strictly controlled budgets and pacing
  • Demystified costs per acquisition (CPAs)
  • Dramatic reductions in unhelpful, wasted spend
  • Regular reporting and work in progress meetings
  • A close working relationship with an experienced PPC consultant