Promote your social content straight to your target audience

Social Media platforms play an integral part of our everyday lives. With over 90% of adults in Australia using a smartphone, social media has become the easiest and most efficient way to connect directly with your audience, throughout the day, wherever they are.
Even with a great social media strategy, organically growing your list of Followers, Likes, Retweets and Fans can take time.
Paid social allows you to leverage what makes social media so powerful – user information – to promote your own content directly to those that are interested, whilst tracking social growth, website traffic and even online sales

How can Paid Social benefit your digital marketing strategy?

The team at Reef has deep expertise in using and advertising on social networks, ensuring your campaigns fit your overall strategy.
Here’s what Paid Social can deliver:

  • Identifying and targeting your audience
  • Creating attractive high-performing ads
  • Generating highly-qualified traffic to your social page or website
  • Generating brand awareness, online enquiries and sales
  • Providing full transparency on success metrics

Social Media channels we advertise on

  • facebook Advertising

    With well above 1 billion users, this it the world’s largest social network. Facebook offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting settings allowing advertisers to create advanced campaigns and maximise their results through analysis and optimisation.

  • Twitter Advertising

    Tweet, tweet, tweet. We will help you promote your tweets, brand and products directly on your target audience’s feed.

  • Linkedin Advertising

    Looking to target senior marketing managers working in the Foods & Beverage industry in New South Wales? Or perhaps business owners that previously worked at Google? All of this is possible thanks to professional targeting.

  • YouTube Advertising

    You’ve already gone through so much effort creating great video content. Why not give it more exposure by promoting it online on the world’s largest video hosting platform (and world’s second largest search engine!). Let us tell you how we can deliver targeted views at an affordable price.

  • Pinterest Advertising

    Perhaps Pinterest is the way to go for your business? If so, come chat to us about how to make the most of this channel using its advertising features.

  • Instagram Advertising

    Recently-made available, we are excited about bringing advertising to this platform. Come speak to us if you are interested.

Ready to chat about your Social Media Marketing strategy? Get in touch with Reef today.