The 3 Practical, Powerful Marketing Team Values that WIN

Why do some digital marketing teams win? After serving hundreds of clients in the most competitive industries, the answer is becoming clear. All other things being equal, there are 3 team values that the most successful teams share – and the rest, don’t. Better yet, these values are ready to use immediately and don’t require any budget. If you want your team to get more good work done, save time, capture opportunity earlier and eliminate waste, these are for you.

Google Assistant: The Future Of Search?

During Google I/O 2016, Google’s annual news conference, the search engine unveiled some of its future plans by giving the world a quick look into it’s upcoming tools and platforms. One of these soon to be released tools is the new ‘Google Assistant’ which comes offered as an innovative (and talkative) new digital assistant for our daily schedules. The creation of Assistant follows Google’s research and analysis of the growing … Continue reading

The best tools for identifying digital trends

We make fun of people who blindly follow them in the fashion world. But in the digital landscape, trends are the force de rigueur that have the power to elevate your brand from the dreaded “under-a-rock” status, to the cool, current brand that’s constantly sharing the most relevant, newsworthy and topical information for your industry. Last week, Facebook announced its new tool ‘Signals’, which is aimed at making it easier … Continue reading

Master meetings & pitches – Interview with Belinda Huckle of secondnature

Meetings are one of those things – They have the power to leave you totally drained and scratching your head, or leave you strutting out of the room, punching the air with enthusiasm and satisfaction because everyone has actually gained something useful and valuable from it. So, in the interest of ensuring that we and our clients can enjoy more fist-pumping and less head-scratching, we caught up with our client Belinda Huckle, Managing … Continue reading

Why great customer service should be part of your marketing plan

Having worked in retail for the first few years of my “professional” working life, it was always hammered home to me how important customer service was. “Smile genuinely”, “be helpful”, “offer the best possible service you can to each person who walks through the doors”. As cliched as some of the advice I’ve been given sometimes sounded, I always tried to take it on board, as I believe that having … Continue reading

What’s in a structure? Thinking About The Logic Behind PPC Account Organization

An adgroup houses keywords, a campaign houses adgroups, but which adgroups and keywords are you grouping together and which devices are you targeting where? The structure of an AdWords account can vary as much as the specialists who work on it, and while sometimes not immediately apparent, there is usually a logic behind the structure. What is important is that the specialist understands the logic – knowledge being power – … Continue reading

10 habits to adopt to become an excellent digital marketer

Infoxication, infobesity, data smog, call it whatever you want but the fact is, we live in a world overloaded with information. This is not news however and some academics were already referring to these terms long before the Internet even became mainstream. In 2015, we are expected to see the number of online websites (as in active websites) to exceed one billion and the number of webpages to exceed 47 billion. … Continue reading