5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Digital PR

While wielding cocktails at fabulous parties is a PR stereotype I won’t completely deny, many companies are still yet to take advantage of the new age of Digital PR and how it immensely benefits your brand, not just with awareness and reach like traditional PR, but with measureable results. So as I sip on this delicious sauvignon blanc, in a rare break from my busy cocktail and party schedule, I … Continue reading

Snapchat Introduces Creepy Ads

Recently we wrote about Snapchat creating the ‘Stories Movement’, with Twitter and Instagram adding these features to their platforms. Now it appears that Snapchat is returning the favour with new targeting features that bare close resemblance to Facebook’s ‘audiences’. While advertisers will cheer at the prospect of new advertising options, Snapchat’s audience targeting will directly contradict well renowned comments from CEO, Evan Spiegel, who labelled such methods as “creepy”. Let’s … Continue reading

Snapchat Creates Stories Movement

Two of social media’s heavy weights, Instagram and Twitter, announced brand new features to their applications last week. They allow you create and share short videos and arrange them to make a story, pretty cool right? Man how do they come up with this stuff?! Oh that’s right, they didn’t. As many of you will already know, both Instagram and Twitter have decided that Snapchat was on to something and … Continue reading

Has Snapchat Revolutionised The Way We Market In-App?

Last month Snapchat announced that it will use more advertising through its app in order to grow revenue for its investors. This seems to follow a different direction for Snapchat and posed a question as to how CEO Evan Spiegel will implement the change as he’s previously labeled a large handful of online ad formats as being “creepy” and a disruption to users. When looking at the newly leaked US … Continue reading

Make Pokémon GO Work For Your Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, that’s inside a cave… on the moon, you’ve no doubt witnessed the social phenomena that is Pokémon GO. The augmented reality app is already smashing records left, right and centre since its release last week boasting 21 million active users per day in the USA alone. While the literal hoards of ‘trainers’ pursue a wide range of digital monsters sparsely dotted around this … Continue reading

Facebook Live & What It Means For Marketers

With the launch of Facebook Live, the most used social network in the world is up against apps like Meerkat and especially Periscope, the latter acquired by Twitter in March 2015, in the field of live- streaming. While it’s a great new feature to share moments with your friends, how can you leverage this tool for your marketing strategy? What is “Facebook Live”? The application “Live” allows you to broadcast … Continue reading

Watch Out! Mum & Dad Are On Snapchat

Remember when your parents first discovered Facebook…? Yep, well the same thing is about to happen with Snapchat, if the latest statistics are anything to go by, and I for one am suddenly somewhat thankful that my mum still struggles with answering her iPhone and sending texts (she just discovered emojis last week…?) According to a recent study released by Comscore, 14% of Snapchat users in the US are now … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Need Video Campaigns

Advertising on YouTube is often one of the last steps that marketers undertake.Not only are people scared of the assumed effort it takes to produce a video, but are also often not aware of the power and reach of this medium if it’s used correctly. After my colleague Elodie recently took part in the YouTube Brand Academy, I wanted to highlight 5 reasons why video campaigns should be a part … Continue reading

How In The World Do You Get Direct Response Conversions From Social Media?

So you’ve got a super cool unique product that makes people stop scrolling and say “Wow I need this in my life!” No? You’re saying you’re also not a trendy fashion brand with a gazillion followers all eagerly waiting, card in hand, for you to release the next season’s collection of outfits? You’re not even a travel company using jaw dropping images to massage people’s longing for sun, sea, sand, … Continue reading

Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Today I am going to give readers an overview of #BreakfastWithTwitter @TwitterAdsAu presentation where Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales (@emhuo), was the host. The Blog itself will include additional insights and findings on Twitter itself and advertising using Twitter. This will hopefully help you to understand Twitter better and be more confident when it comes to advertising using Twitter and optimising those all important campaigns. Twitter In Australia In … Continue reading