5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Digital PR

While wielding cocktails at fabulous parties is a PR stereotype I won’t completely deny, many companies are still yet to take advantage of the new age of Digital PR and how it immensely benefits your brand, not just with awareness and reach like traditional PR, but with measureable results. So as I sip on this delicious sauvignon blanc, in a rare break from my busy cocktail and party schedule, I … Continue reading

Google Announces Mobile Priority Indexing

As if you needed anymore reasons to ensure your website is mobile compatible, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, confirmed yesterday during PubCon that the search engine will be indexing the mobile versions of a website as the primary index, not the desktop pages. While we’ve known for sometime now that mobile searches have surpassed desktop, this update is rare in the fact that Google makes amendments almost constantly to … Continue reading

4 Free (& 1 Paid) Google SEO Resources for Standing-Out in Search

Chances are that if you run a business, Google plays an important role in connecting your target audience with your website. The purpose of this post is to connect you with resources provided by Google that are particularly beneficial, four of which are free, so that you can use this to your advantage and stand-out in search results. Let’s get started. #1: Google Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide What it … Continue reading

How To Make Your Website Awesome With UX

One of my biggest gripes with online marketing is poor customer experience. Too many brands, big and small, still fail to deliver pleasurable experiences to visitors despite pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising to attract visitors. In fact, research from Google points out that users form their first opinions about a website in just 50 milliseconds, and in some cases it’s as low as 17 milliseconds. While user … Continue reading

Are There SEO Benefits From Switching to HTTPS?

It’s been two years since Google announced, on its Webmaster Central Blog, that HTTPS was considered a ranking signal. In December last year, Google also confirmed that all HTTPS websites would be indexed by default, as it attempted to promote “a private experience between the user and the website”. However, switching to HTTPS is still an arguable topic for digital marketers, as this secure website system is considered as a … Continue reading

Google Assistant: The Future Of Search?

During Google I/O 2016, Google’s annual news conference, the search engine unveiled some of its future plans by giving the world a quick look into it’s upcoming tools and platforms. One of these soon to be released tools is the new ‘Google Assistant’ which comes offered as an innovative (and talkative) new digital assistant for our daily schedules. The creation of Assistant follows Google’s research and analysis of the growing … Continue reading

SEO; DIY or Use A Professional?

For startups and small businesses, the cost versus immediate results is one of the main concerns for SEO. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to see the results of a successful SEO strategy, and requires continuous monitoring and optimisation to make it as effective as possible. While many take to the internet to research DIY SEO, it’s important to note that SEO is not something you either … Continue reading

How To Generate More Customer Reviews Online

With news breaking this week that UGC and review platform YotPo just received $22m in funding, it seems as though the importance of user-generated reviews for your business are not going to start getting any less important, any time soon. There’s money to be made in user reviews it seems, and not just for the platforms that are helping brands do it. Now, opinions are like assets – everyone needs … Continue reading

Reef Speak At General Assembly Event

Reef Digital at General Assembly
Early last month, my colleague Marina and I had the pleasure of guest speaking at a digital workshop held at the renowned General Assembly – a ‘global education provider’ offering a plethora of online and offline courses across Technology, Data, Design, Business and of course my forte – Digital Marketing. The gig – providing an overview of search engine optimisation (SEO) – both from a technical and content perspective to … Continue reading

Optimising the User Experience Part 1

  If you’re looking to optimise your website, improve your conversions and ultimately delight your customers, you’re going to need to understand who those customers are, what info they need/want to see and how they’re going to get to, then navigate, your website. Understanding what we call “the buyer persona” and “the user journey” is of critical importance to the effectiveness of your website’s optimisation. Firstly you optimise for Google … Continue reading