Reef Digital Named Google Premier Partner

It is with great excitement that I announce Reef Digital’s new status as a Premier Google Partner, an industry respected award bestowed upon agencies most valued by Google. Qualifying For Partner Status After we joined the free Google Partners program, we could qualify for Google Partner status. Achieving Partner status meant that Reef demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained … Continue reading

Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Today I am going to give readers an overview of #BreakfastWithTwitter @TwitterAdsAu presentation where Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales (@emhuo), was the host. The Blog itself will include additional insights and findings on Twitter itself and advertising using Twitter. This will hopefully help you to understand Twitter better and be more confident when it comes to advertising using Twitter and optimising those all important campaigns. Twitter In Australia In … Continue reading

Reef Speak At General Assembly Event

Reef Digital at General Assembly
Early last month, my colleague Marina and I had the pleasure of guest speaking at a digital workshop held at the renowned General Assembly – a ‘global education provider’ offering a plethora of online and offline courses across Technology, Data, Design, Business and of course my forte – Digital Marketing. The gig – providing an overview of search engine optimisation (SEO) – both from a technical and content perspective to … Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to Dressing @ Reef Digital

Dress codes can be a tricky thing in offices where it isn’t immediately obvious what’s appropriate and what will get you a wee chat with the boss. Sure, if you’re a finance professional or a lawyer then it’s not a high wager bet that you’re going to be in a suit, or a variation of, but what of companies like ours? You know, those on-fleek trendy devils in digital agencies.   … Continue reading

Meet our new Content & Social Manager: Lewis Browning

Hi there! My name’s Lewis, but you can call me Lu, and I’m the Content & Social Manager here at Reef. (I’m the one with the headphones on, headbanging and air drumming away like nobody’s watching!) Professionally, I come from a sales background, primarily in retail and wholesale inside the musical instrument and hifi industries. Through my 10 yrs+ sales career, I cultivated my passion for engaging with customers/clients, always willing … Continue reading

Meet our new SEO Manager: Michelle Cobb

Hi I’m Michelle and I’m the new Senior SEO specialist at Reef. Originally from the UK, I have over 6 ½ years experience within Digital Marketing – helping clients both large and small to grow their online presence in this fast paced, ever changing digital landscape. Australia and the chance to live here has always been a dream of mine. Who wouldn’t want to swap cold dreary England for (what … Continue reading

Reef becomes the first AB Tasty Certified Partner in Australia

ab tasty reporting
We began specialising in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in our very early days, running projects for our existing SEO/SEM client base. Whilst it was very experimental at the time, we quickly realised the positive implications CRO would have on our overall digital marketing efforts. Throughout the years that followed, we have continued to run CRO projects on a regular basis, each time trying out new tools, refining our processes, improving our service offering. In … Continue reading

Meet Our New Head Of Digital: Scott Pittman

Hey, I’m Scott and joined Reef on the 20th April 2015 as Head of Digital where I will be helping to develop and deliver digital strategies for clients (and for Reef) that meet and exceed business KPI targets and result in a positive return on investment. After deciding university wasn’t for me, I started my working life straight from college as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for a fairly … Continue reading

Agency Open Haus Hello from Reef Digital Agency

Reef Digital Agency North Sydney team photo
Hi there! We’re Reef Digital Agency – a digital marketing agency based in beautiful Sydney, ‘Straya. We’re rather stoked to be joining Agency Open Haus for the exciting series of new events around Sydney this year! Here at Reef, we love all things digital, and we believe that the online space is like one big living, breathing ecosystem, in which one part relies on the others symbiotically in order for … Continue reading

Welcome message from Maike, our new Search Specialist

Hey my name is Maike and I recently joined Reef as a Search Specialist. I’ve lived in Sydney for 7 years and have made it my home. I’m originally from Germany but – and this is why my accent throws most people – was fortunate to grow up in Malaysia, living in Kuala Lumpur for 12 years attending an international school. Global citizen? I’m well-travelled, bilingual, and occasionally dabble in … Continue reading