Maximising Ad Space with Expanded Text Ads & Ad Extensions

As Google rolls out Expanded Text Ads for AdWords users, it’s important to note that the additional characters you gain from Expanded Text Ads are just one focus area for capturing your target customer’s attention. In this post, we’re going to show combinations of Expanded Text Ads and Ad Extensions that will help you draw the eye to your ads and make the most effective use of your Google AdWords … Continue reading

Should I Bid On Competitors’ Keywords?

Bidding on competitor’s brand names is quite common in many industries. If done correctly, it can result in a fast performance improvement and get you a valuable share of your competitor’s traffic. It is more or less accepted from Google’s side as long as you follow their ad policies and don’t include trademarked terms in your ad creatives. On the flip side, it can cause serious damage in the long … Continue reading

Keyword Planner Restrictions Imposed For Low Spending AdWords Accounts

A few weeks ago I opened the Google keyword planner to do some research for one of my clients. It’s an everyday task for me, so imagine my surprise when I was suddenly shown this message: “To use Keyword Planner, you need to have at least one active campaign”. Image credit. After a moment of confusion and several page reloads I found out that Google had announced some major changes … Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Two weeks ago, Google made an announcement that they were implementing` one of the biggest changes in their text ads in over a decade. After a Beta phase starting earlier this year, expanded text ads (ETAs) are now the standard for every AdWords user as of July 26th. The previous ad format won’t be able to be created after October 26th, however, Google did not announce yet when it will … Continue reading

AdWords Gets A Facelift…Finally!

A lot has happened since AdWords last updated it’s interface. The first African American President, Barack Obama, was elected, then re-elected, we had the Beijing & London Olympic Games, Bill Gates retired from Microsoft, pop icon Michael Jackson and Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away, and the UK voted to leave the European Union. While the AdWords changes won’t have the same impact on the world at large, it certainly … Continue reading

Balancing Brand Awareness & Lead Generation in Search Campaigns

Often businesses choose Search Advertising because it drives immediate traffic and generates leads more quickly, therefore Search has been taken as a go-to channel whenever businesses want a quick fix. However, the potential of Search to be a more integrated platform within a long-term strategy is often underestimated. This article elaborates how both lead generation and brand awareness can be achieved by an integrated search strategy. Lead Generation In online … Continue reading

Cross-device conversion-tracking on Google AdWords

cross-device tracking
This morning, I woke up, did some reading at home using my tablet. Then I hopped on the bus and caught up with news and emails using my phone. Once at the office, I turned on my laptop computer and started working. Sounds familiar? That’s because nearly everyone is constantly connected to the Internet across several devices, each day. This is what Google calls micro-moments. Again according to Google, 61% … Continue reading

Why You Need Native Display Advertsing

The times when consumers could be reached and convinced with untargeted mass marketing by the company with the loudest voice are over. Today’s consumers are not receptive to passive promotion, they require active communication and engagement until they are ready to buy. With the shift to mobile the expectations for a great user experience grew even more. Having mobile optimised websites is no longer seen as a “nice to have”, … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To Display Targeting

It’s a huge surprise to me that Display campaigns are still a set-and-forget thing for many businesses. As it lies buried in some AdWords accounts, the potential business opportunities also lie dormant. While it’s true that you get cheap clicks more easily on Display Networks, it’s not the best way to use it in your marketing mix. Once you’ve been exposed to the multiple targeting methods on Display Networks, you … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Need Video Campaigns

Advertising on YouTube is often one of the last steps that marketers undertake.Not only are people scared of the assumed effort it takes to produce a video, but are also often not aware of the power and reach of this medium if it’s used correctly. After my colleague Elodie recently took part in the YouTube Brand Academy, I wanted to highlight 5 reasons why video campaigns should be a part … Continue reading