Google Announces Mobile Priority Indexing

As if you needed anymore reasons to ensure your website is mobile compatible, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, confirmed yesterday during PubCon that the search engine will be indexing the mobile versions of a website as the primary index, not the desktop pages. While we’ve known for sometime now that mobile searches have surpassed desktop, this update is rare in the fact that Google makes amendments almost constantly to … Continue reading

Survive Tomorrow By Breaking Today’s Marketing Cycle

As a business, if you’re still debating ‘digital’, you’re probably dead meat. And if mobile and social are second priorities, you’re not far off. That’s the message the ever-energetic Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) is sending to business owners. A few weeks back, Gary dropped a keynote at ICON 2016 in the US with his signature straight-talking, impassioned delivery. The repertoire might not suit everyone’s tastes, but his doctrine must not be … Continue reading

Google Assistant: The Future Of Search?

During Google I/O 2016, Google’s annual news conference, the search engine unveiled some of its future plans by giving the world a quick look into it’s upcoming tools and platforms. One of these soon to be released tools is the new ‘Google Assistant’ which comes offered as an innovative (and talkative) new digital assistant for our daily schedules. The creation of Assistant follows Google’s research and analysis of the growing … Continue reading

Twitter : The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

Today I am going to give readers an overview of #BreakfastWithTwitter @TwitterAdsAu presentation where Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales (@emhuo), was the host. The Blog itself will include additional insights and findings on Twitter itself and advertising using Twitter. This will hopefully help you to understand Twitter better and be more confident when it comes to advertising using Twitter and optimising those all important campaigns. Twitter In Australia In … Continue reading

YouTube Brand Academy: Key Takeaways

I always enjoy going to industry events because it makes me feel like I am part of a great and ever-changing industry, but also, and most importantly, because I’m eager to learn new features or trends that I can implement in my accounts to improve their performance. One of these events was the recent YouTube Brand Academy in Sydney and since video marketing is growing year on year, I definitely … Continue reading

Are You Ready for the Holiday Season? Google Looks at Changes in Shopping Behaviour

It’s mid-October. Do we really need to start thinking about the holiday season? Well from a digital marketing perspective the answer is most definitely yes. Is your website ready? Have you designed Christmas themed landing pages for your e-commerce site? Have your ads been designed, your ad copy been written? Have you sat down with your account manager to plan out your holiday strategy? Well, if you haven’t done so … Continue reading

Is the voice the future of search?

When it comes to search, the voice could be the way of the future. And we’re not talking about the TV show… The other day my partner and I were at home cooking dinner when he asked a question. I was chopping carrots with my back to him, and just as I opened my mouth to answer, a robotic-sounding female voice abruptly interrupted me and gave him the answer he needed. … Continue reading

Upwardly mobile – The new mobile marketing trends you should probably know about

It always somewhat irritates me when I read the latest panic piece in the media about how our mobile phones are solely to blame for somehow putting us out of touch with each other, destroying our social skills, and ruining any and all opportunities for human interaction we have in any given day. But as a marketer, I see the huge potential that phones have to actually put us in touch – … Continue reading

How One Small Change from Google Could Revolutionise Mobile eCommerce

In October 2014, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in Berlin stated that “really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon. People don’t think of Amazon as search, but if you are looking for something to buy, you are more often than not looking for it on Amazon”. Shortly after his Berlin speech, Google announced to retailers that a “buy” button for Google Shopping on mobile will be considered and it’s now in … Continue reading

5 Essential Google Mobile Website Resources for 2015

man at wooden table holding iphone
Last Tuesday, Google’s algorithm began favouring mobile friendly websites in mobile search results. The algorithm adjustment was tipped as being major, with significant and far reaching consequences for sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If your website has seen a drop in mobile visits from organic search and you’re not sure if this latest algorithm update is a factor, here are five helpful resources you can use to identify and resolve any issues. … Continue reading