Agency Open Haus #2: Technology, Data, and Better Creative

In an essay penned by Bill Gates in 1996, we first heard that in an interactive environment such as the internet content is king. We’ve also heard that we need to tell a story through our creative and messaging, and that above all creative work in digital needs to be engaging, as we work to capture the moments when our customer is listening. And it’s not only about design, or user … Continue reading

Is the rise of ad-blockers a threat to display advertisers?

The recent release of iOS 9 has caused a lot of talk about the increased use of ad-blocking technologies. In today’s article, we’ll explore the implications and impact on advertising campaigns. Firstly, what is ad-blocking? Ad-blocking software is a means to improve one’s browsing experience – whether on desktop on mobile devices – by filtering out (aka removing) all advertisements present on a webpage. This is done through adding a … Continue reading

Live chat: one way to increase your sales.

Nowadays, what’s missing in the online customer’s life is actual contact with a HUMAN. It’s great to be able to shop online (I am an addict myself!), but when it comes to customer service, we all know it can sometimes be a stressful experience. When I want to buy things online, I’m not just looking at the brand or product – I also want the customer experience to make me … Continue reading

Native ads: the future of advertising?

This new generation of ads puts the consumer back in the centre of the advertising plan: messages are more targeted, of better quality and better integrated within the media. The user becomes the priority… at last! The need for new types of online ads With the ever-changing face of marketing and consumer behaviour, it is important to keep up with how marketers can attract the fickle user. Users used to be in … Continue reading

Google Partners Masterclass – August 2015: Key Outtakes and Event Highlights

Earlier this month, Google put on their yearly Google Partners masterclass. And of course, Reef Digital, as a long standing Google Partner agency, was there for the day of digital marketing industry buzz and updates. There were a few “get your nerd on” moments, as well as the stunning view of Sydney harbour, networking drinks, amazing food, and meeting or catching up with our fellow colleagues in the industry. The … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Tools & Resources Round Up Volume 1: Images & Design

digital marketing tools
I think if you work in digital marketing, there is a good chance you have your own little toolbox of trusted ‘go-to’ tools and resources that you use in your everyday working life. Depending on the scope of your role, this may cover things like: SEO tools CRO tools Social media tools PPC tools Email tools Research tools Content tools Free image resources Informative blog posts about different topics that you … Continue reading

Malware vs AdWords

It may seem obvious to state it, but if your site, or a client’s site, is attacked by malware, there is a good chance that any AdWords account directing traffic to that site will be immediately suspended. Obviously, protecting your site from falling into this situation is the best approach as far as the health of your business is concerned. It’s beyond the scope of this article (and my knowledge!) to … Continue reading

E-commerce: why you should always have a digital marketing budget.

I have a Masters degree in marketing, and the very first thing I was taught, which is basically the only thing you need to remember, is: “You have to spend money to make money” I came across an article on Forbes the other day, stating that you don’t necessarily have to spend money to earn money. The author makes a reference to the success of IBM, which can be mainly … Continue reading

Before We Convert: Time and Success in Search Engine Marketing

WIRED’s Julia Greenberg recently wrote “Forget the Click? Online Time May Be More Meaningful” where, addressing predominantly Facebook, she looked at the importance of time spent viewing an ad or article – rather than a click or a like – to establish whether or not something was meaningful or relevant to a user. This prompted my own thoughts on how we measure success in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and whether … Continue reading

My Documented Buyer Journey From Arriving In Australia: Awareness & Multi-Channel Are Key

brand product awareness
As you may or may not know, I emigrated to Australia from the UK and joined Reef around three months ago. After the basic necessities were in order, like finding an apartment, opening a bank account etc, I turned my attention to the non-essential purchases. A TV and a PlayStation 4. Some might argue these are equally essential and I totally get that! I’d never been to Australia before moving … Continue reading