Unique Selling Propositions (USPs): Trigger Questions for Defining Yours

Have you recently been asked the question “What makes your company different?” or “What makes your company unique?” From pitches to proposals and RFP responses, to sales messaging, positioning and strategy, you need a firm understanding of your USP. Because when you have it, you’re able to quickly communicate the two most important questions prospects care about most: What can you do for me? Why you? Entire books have been … Continue reading

How To Make Your Website Awesome With UX

One of my biggest gripes with online marketing is poor customer experience. Too many brands, big and small, still fail to deliver pleasurable experiences to visitors despite pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising to attract visitors. In fact, research from Google points out that users form their first opinions about a website in just 50 milliseconds, and in some cases it’s as low as 17 milliseconds. While user … Continue reading

Traffic’s A Slow Way To Get Somewhere; Try CRO!

With SEO and Performance Media representing the majority of our client engagements, we can safely say that we at Reef know a thing or two about traffic acquisition. Our clients reach out to us because they need help identifying where their potential customers are online, and how to attract them to their website. I’d like to say we’re pretty good at doing so (in a humble way!), but turning those … Continue reading

Survive Tomorrow By Breaking Today’s Marketing Cycle

As a business, if you’re still debating ‘digital’, you’re probably dead meat. And if mobile and social are second priorities, you’re not far off. That’s the message the ever-energetic Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) is sending to business owners. A few weeks back, Gary dropped a keynote at ICON 2016 in the US with his signature straight-talking, impassioned delivery. The repertoire might not suit everyone’s tastes, but his doctrine must not be … Continue reading

6 Weapons of Influence, for Websites

A professor of Psychology named Robert Cialdini changed modern marketing with one book: ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’. To write it, he spent years studying sales and compliance professionals to learn their best techniques for influencing others. He then categorised the top ‘Weapons of Influence’ into six areas and supported each with academic research and experiments to explain how and why they worked. Here, we’re going to talk about how … Continue reading

Setting KPI’s in Blurry Situations

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) is one of the most important tasks an agency can do. It’s not an easy one, though. An important conversation needs to happen to determine what to measure, how and why. And of course, the more detailed and accurate, the better. In a perfect world In a marketer’s perfect world, it would be possible to track everything with complete clarity. But we don’t live in … Continue reading

Optimising the User Experience Part 1

  If you’re looking to optimise your website, improve your conversions and ultimately delight your customers, you’re going to need to understand who those customers are, what info they need/want to see and how they’re going to get to, then navigate, your website. Understanding what we call “the buyer persona” and “the user journey” is of critical importance to the effectiveness of your website’s optimisation. Firstly you optimise for Google … Continue reading

3 tips for writing better sales page copy

As a content writer, I’m always looking for new ways to tweak my copy on sales pages and landing pages to try and get a better response from clients’ (and our own) audiences. I recently came across a few great tips that I’m going to start experimenting more with, and thought I’d share them in today’s blog post. 1) Grab their attention Why do BuzzFeed articles do so well? Because … Continue reading

Is Your Call To Action A Spanner Or A Monkey-Wrench?

As marketers, words are one of our primary tools for communicating with customers. Every marketer knows this, but have you ever paused for a second to think about how you use these tools? We all grew in up in a society saturated with marketing messages and advertising, so a lot of marketers absorb these messages by osmosis and spit it back out into their sales copy or adverts without really … Continue reading

How To Analyse Cross Device Conversion Data

Hello again! Google recently released some stats to mark the fact that it is two years since they launched estimated cross-device conversion reporting in the AdWords interface. A primer from google about the estimated conversion reports is available here, but for the uninitiated, this group of metrics basically measures the number of times someone clicked on an advertiser’s ad on the search or display networks, finished their browsing session, then returned via another browser … Continue reading