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6 Key Aspects of Successful & Impactful Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a central part of a complete digital marketing strategy. It’s your opportunity to educate, entertain and share your perspective with your target audience during their buying journey. But if you are just getting started developing content, there are some key points to remember that will maximise your chances of success. 1. You…

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SEM’ing Like A Boss: My 4 Rules Of Testing

It can be daunting when it comes to PPC optimisation and evaluation. You never start from the same place and it can be easy to lose track of your optimisation history (without meticulously going through the change history). The worst case scenario is mistakes are made and fly under the radar until the consequences of…

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Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About Google Removing Exact Match Keywords

RIP [Exact Match] Spelling snobs recoil in disgust for Google has forgiven the literary challenged by removing an option in the exact match settings. Google has made it compulsory for advertisers to opt in for close variants in exact match keywords. Up until a few days ago this option was a default setting that you…

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Google Adwords Opportunities: Think Before Taking Action

I love working within the Adwords interface, not only does the data challenge you on a daily basis but once in awhile it throws you a curve ball without warning and up pops a new Beta product. This happened to me again the other day when I was examining the Opportunities Tab. For people that…

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5 Mistakes When Trying To Understand Your AdWords Performance

How does your AdWords perform? I mean, seriously? In a Google dominated world, AdWords spend can be a significant part of your marketing budget. You’ve probably already spent a lot of time communicating your goals with your agency, maybe even tried to get your head around the sophisticated AdWords interface and metrics. And you are…

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