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Category Archives: Newest Digital Marketing Posts

The new Reactive Marketing – What it is and how you should be using it

Last week, a marketing agency in the US drove billboard up to the front of the Apple store in New York city which read: “Dear Apple, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing.” No doubt, the company had taken note of Apple’s upcoming September 9 announcement, and saw the opportunity to insert itself…

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5 Essential Google Mobile Website Resources for 2015

Last Tuesday, Google’s algorithm began favouring mobile friendly websites in mobile search results. The algorithm adjustment was tipped as being major, with significant and far reaching consequences for sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If your website has seen a drop in mobile visits from organic search and you’re not sure if this latest algorithm update is a…

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3 reasons why PR is the new SEO (and vice-versa)

The worlds of PR and SEO have grown and matured a lot in the past decade, and are now getting along, playing nice, and even helping each other with their homework. We’re seeing increasing integration between SEO and PR, and for digital marketers, it signals a growing number of opportunities to get your clients or…

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Introducing Facebook Product Ads

Facebook has just announced the upcoming launch of product ads, probably one of the most anticipated features for online retailers and definitely this week’s industry headline. You may already be familiar with the concept of product ads, whether as consumer or as a marketer, and across other channels such as Google Adwords shopping ads and…

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Four of the best (but lesser known) SEO and digital marketing tools

Every man and his dog has created a comprehensive list of top SEO tools. So here at Reef we’ve taken a strong decision: to create a comprehensive list of top SEO tools. But instead of focusing on the usual suspects – the Open Site Explorers, the Developer Toolbars etc. – we’ve decided to share some…

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